Klamath Basin Groundwater Management and Regulation
Klamath Water Right Regulation
The table includes well log numbers for wells whose associated water rights may be subject to regulation.  It also lists the closest surface water source, distance to surface water, and the associated subbasin.  The information provided below is an advance notice of wells that may receive a notice of regulation of a water right to meet the call of a senior water right holder.  This list is not a regulation notice or a final order. 
The Department encourages water right holders to contact the Department if there are questions or if you can provide information about your well that may affect whether it is subject to regulation.  
Well Log Number and Your Property:
A well log number is a unique identifier for a well.  Please note that a water right may have multiple wells associated with it.  Conversely, a well may have multiple water rights associated with it.  Well logs are recorded by county, so a well log number in Klamath County would start with the letters KLAM followed by a series of numbers.
If you do not know your well log number, there are several ways that you can find it. 
  • Visit the Groundwater Information Mapping Tool and zoom into your property.  Click on the “Layers” tab near the left edge of the web page, then click the box labeled “Other Wells.”  On the map, zoom into your property, and if present, click on the “circle” or “dot” on your property which will provide you with the well log number.  You can cross reference this information with the table of wells below to determine if this is a well with water rights that may be subject to regulation.  You can also look up in our Groundwater Site Information System what water rights are associated with this particular well log.  
  • Visit the Water Rights Information System: If your contact information is up to date in our database, you can try searching by name in our water rights database.  Note that there are many water rights in the database with the name of the original water right holder, not the current property owner.  This will bring up your water rights information.  Once a list of water rights appears, you can click “select” next to the water right of interest.  From there, scroll down to the “points of diversion” section.  Click on the link “View Groundwater Site Info.”  If this is listed more than once, it means that there are multiple wells associated with this one water right and you will need to click on each one to get to the well log information.  Once the groundwater site info opens, you will see GWLogID near the top.  This is your well log number.  
  • Contact the Watermaster’s Office 541-883-4182.

More Information:

The Oregon Water Resources Department held three open houses in Klamath County for landowners interested in gathering information on groundwater management in the basin and learning how the Department will address the regulation of permitted wells during 2018.
Posters Presented at Open Houses