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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Acre Feet (AF), Gallons (G) and Water Quantity Conversions

Question: What is the difference between Cubic Feet per Second (CFS), Gallons per Minute (GPM), Gallons (G), and Acre Feet (AF)?   
Answer: Cubic Feet Per Second (CFS) and Gallons Per Minute (GPM) are both ways of expressing instantaneous rate of diversionGallons (G), or Acre Feet (AF) describe volume of water applied to land, stored in reservoirs, or consumed in a time period, such as a month. 

Water use quantities need to be reported as monthly volumes, rather than as rates of diversion.
To find the volume of water diverted in a month, multiply the instantaneous rate times the amount of time that diversion occurred during the month. Examples:
·     Diverting at 10 GPM, for 8 hours a day for 10 days in a month = 10 gallons per minute x 60 minutes per hour x 8 hours per day x 10 days = 48,000 gallons for the month.
·     Diverting at 2.5 CFS, for 12 hours per day, 5 days per month = 2.5 cubic feet per second x 60 seconds per minute x 60 minutes per hour x 12 hours per day x 5 days = 540,000 cubic feet for the month.
You may report your monthly usage as any one of the following: Acre Feet (AF), Gallons (G), Thousand Gallons (KG), Million Gallons (MG), Cubic Feet (CF), or Million Cubic Feet (MCF). 
Regardless of the unit of measurement originally reported, for comparison purposes, the Department converts all water use quantities to AF.  One Acre Foot is the volume of water that will cover an acre of ground one foot deep.
Some conversion factors:
1 cubic foot (CF) = 7.48 Gallons
1 CFS = 448.8 gallons per minute (GPM)
1 Acre Foot (AF) = 325,851 Gallons (G)
1 Acre Foot (AF) = 43,560 Cubic Feet (CF)
For continuous 24-hrs per day diversions: (CFS) x (1.98) x (# of days used per month) = AF per month
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Adjust my page online to view more than five PODs/POAs

Question: How do I view more than five diversions/appropriations at a time?
Answer: The default records per page is set at five, however you may change the viewable amount of records by changing the number in the “Records per Page” box; replace the “5” with any number equal to or less than 999, and push the enter key.

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Changing the year on the report form

The Water Use Reporting Form available is fillable/interactive.  To use this form for a different water year, change the last two digits of each year at the left and right corners of the top of the form; the years below will change accordingly.    
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Entry errors online

Question: How are data entry errors corrected?   
Answer: If reported data needs to be corrected, call (503) 986-0905, email wateruse@wrd.state.or.us, or send an amended Water Use Report Form along with a cover letter explanation and request.  The Water Use Reporting Form available is fillable/interactive.  To use this form for a previous water year, change the last two digits of each year at the top of the form; the years below will change accordingly.       

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Facility name

Question: What is a Facility?
Answer: The “facility” is a point of diversion/appropriation or reservoir.  This field may or may not show a name.  A facility name may include a reference to a Well Log ID, Well Tag Number, or other descriptive name requested by the water right holder.  To assign or update a facility name, email: wateruse@wrd.state.or.us, call (503) 986-0905, or fill the name in on the paper report. 

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Finding a qualified individual to report my water use

Question: How can I find a qualified individual to report my water use data?   
Answer: You may report your use yourself. However, if you would like assistance, you may benefit from utilizing the services of a CWRE.  Certified Water Right Examiners (CWREs) are individuals currently registered in Oregon as Professional Geologists, Professional Engineers, or Professional Land Surveyors, who are also certified to help water right holders submit water use reports and other reports required by the Department, state rule or statute.  They will be able to gain personal knowledge of how your system operates, and work with you to determine how to properly report water use on all applicable water rights. Access the list of Certified Water Rights Examiners (CWRE) . You may sort the list by county, or search by name.

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Meter readings

Question: Can I report my meter readings?   
Answer: Meter readings are not an acceptable reportable format and will need to be converted into a total monthly volume, by each month subtracting the previous month’s reading from the reading taken at the end of the current month.   
For Acre Feet (AF), Gallon (G), and Water Quantity Conversions please see above.

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Report ID Number

Question: What is a Report ID?
Answer: Report IDs are unique numbers assigned to each point of diversion (POD), to each point of appropriation (POA), and each reservoir.  When submitting a paper Water Use Report Form, the Report ID should be filled in at the top of the column of monthly entries.

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Reporting on undeveloped or unused diversions/appropriations

Question: How do I report on a diversion/appropriation that has not been developed, or was not used for a few months, or for the entire water year?   
Answer: If a permit has been issued, but a well or other water diversion structure has not yet been developed or is not being used, reporting is still required.  Please report zeroes for any month(s) when water was not used.  

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Transfer/Order addition(s) or modification(s)

Question: My water right is associated with a Transfer or Order; will my addition(s) or modification(s) be reflected online?   
Answer: Although much effort has been made to add water rights to the Water Use Reporting database, please be aware that rights, including rights that have been involved in a Transfer process, may not be reflected online.  Please contact us at (503) 986-0905 or wateruse@wrd.state.or.us if you do not see your transfer or other order listed.

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Viewing or adding data online

Question: How do I view or add data?  
Answer: Click the “Select” link, located next to the applicable Report ID to view or add data for a particular diversion/appropriation.  The data will be displayed at the bottom of the page.  You may view your data at any time, however reporting (adding) data is only available for a limited period of time.  When available, click on the “Add data for water year” button to enter your data in the fields provided.   To complete the reporting process, click the “Submit” button, and follow the prompt.  To be sure that your data has been accepted, log-out and then log back in; your data should be displayed. To satisfy the requirement for reporting, ensure reports for water use are submitted for each point of diversion/appropriation.   

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Change in Land Ownership associated with a water right

Question: What if I no longer own the property associated with a water right that is listed in my account?

Answer: If the water right is still in the permit stage, submit a Request for Assignment Form to associate the permit with the new owners.  If the water right already has a certificate, submit a Water Right Ownership Update Form to the Department. Once the ownership change has been recorded with the Department, the water right will be moved to the new owner’s account.

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