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Water Project Grants and Loans


Public Comment Opportunity
The Department invites written public comment on applications received for the 2018 cycle of Water Project Grants and Loans. The deadline for comments is 5:00pm on July 20, 2018.  Please  click here for more information.
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In 2013, the Oregon Legislature approved Senate Bill 839 establishing the Water Supply Development Account to provide loans and grants for water development projects that have economic, environmental and social/cultural benefits. The Oregon Water Resources Department may award loans and grants to evaluate, plan and develop instream and out-of-stream water development projects approved by the Water Resources Commission. Grants will require a 25 percent cost-share match, which may include in-kind contributions.​

Eligible projects include: conservation, reuse, above-ground storage, below-ground storage, streamflow protection or restoration, water distribution, conveyance or delivery systems, and other water resource development projects that result in economic, environmental, and social/cultural public benefits.

Click here​ to see the Administrative Rules pertaining to this program.


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2018 Funding Cycle

Public Comment Opportunity
The Oregon Water Resources Department invites public comment on applications received for the 2018 cycle of Water Project Grants and Loans. The 2018 application deadline was April 25, 2018. The Department received eighteen complete grant applications and one complete loan application requesting a total of $15,998,829 in funding.
The Technical Review Team (TRT) will consider public comments submitted in their evaluation of applications. The TRT will evaluate applications and make a funding recommendation to the Commission. The Department will post the TRT funding recommendation for an additional public comment period. The tentative date for the Commission to make its funding decision is November 2018.
To access all applications, please click here.
To access all application summaries, please click here.
Written comments on the applications will be accepted
until 5:00pm, July 20, 2018
Please submit comments to:

Grant Program Coordinator
725 Summer Street NE, Suite A
Salem, Oregon 97301
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2017 Funded Projects


In December 2017, the Water Resources Commission funded four projects listed in the table below.

​Project Name ​Project Type ​County ​Funds Awarded ​Total Cost of Project
​North Fork Sprague Conservation Piping and Instream Flow Restoration ​Conservation; Flow Restoration and Protection; Water Infrastructure ​Klamath ​$2,731,746 ​$3,875,000
​Powder Valley Connector ​Conservation; Water Infrastructure​​ ​Union ​$1,076,000 ​$1,440,000
​Opal Springs Fish Passage and Pool Raise ​Flow Restoration and Protection; Water Infrastructure ​Jefferson ​$1,550,486 ​$10,720,486
​Coe Branch Pipeline & On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Project ​Conservation; Water Infrastrcture ​Hood River ​$924,000 ​$1,680,105
Total ​$6,282,232
Click here to view a full list of applications received and to access copies of the applications.


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2016 Funded Projects

The Department solicited grant applications from August 28, 2015 through January 19, 2016. During that time the Department received thirty seven complete applications requesting $50,959,520 of project funding. A Technical Review Team (TRT) reviewed and evaluated each application based on eighteen public benefits in three categories: economic, environmental and social/cultural. The TRT ranking provided a basis for the funding recommendations made to the Water Resources Commission at their May 2016 meeting. For the 2016 Funding Cycle, the Commission funded the nine projects listed in the table below.  

​​Project Name​ ​Project Type ​County ​Funds Awarded ​Total Cost of Project
​Tumalo Feed Canal Conservation Phase 5 (PDF) ​Water Conservation ​Deschutes ​$1,299,968  ​$3,407,155 
​Highline C​anal Pipeline (PDF) ​Water C​onservation​ ​Hood River ​$566,299  ​$784,699 
​Kingsley Reservoir Expansion and Lowline Pipeline Project (PDF​) ​Storage/Water Conservation ​Hood River ​$3,000,000  ​$4,241,000 
​Sun Creek Restoration And Irrigation Efficiency (PDF) ​Flow Restor​​ation ​Kla​math ​$249,867  ​$552,734 
​Klamath East Side Water Recycling Project (PDF) ​Drainage Water Reuse ​Klamath ​$268,673  ​$358,231 
​Willow Creek Piping Irrigation Laterals (PDF) ​Water Conservation ​Malheur ​$500,355  ​$785,143 
​Beaver Creek Dam Fish Passage and Flow Restoration (PDF​) ​Municipal Water Supply ​Union ​$600,000  ​$1,125,700 
​Lostine River Conservation Project (PDF)​ ​Water Conservation ​Wallowa ​$1,488,718  ​$2,132,575 
​Mosier Deep Water Supply Well (PDF)​ ​New Groundwater Supply Development ​Wasco ​$917,238  ​$1,225,013 
Total ​$8,891,118
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Resources for Active Grants

Click h​ere​​ to access the Water Resources Development Program Forms and Guidance page for Water Project Grants and Loans reporting forms and other guidance for grant and loan recipients.​
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Contact Information

For questions or more information, please contact:

Kim Ogren
Water Resources Development Program Manager
Email: waterprojects@wrd.state.or.us

To stay informed about funding opportunities and other program news, consider joining the Water Development mailing list. To sign up, click here​
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