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Oregon Water Resources Department Rulemaking

Current Rulemaking

Division:  OAR 690-054
Status:  Rules advisory committee meetings held.  Draft of rules undergoing internal review.
Staff Lead:  Mary Grainey  
Summary:  The rules would implement ORS 543A.305 relating to the conversion of a hydroelectric water right to an instream water right.  Issues to be addressed in the rules include:
  1. Actual use under the hydroelectric water right;
  2. Resulting impacts on actual use by other existing water rights as of October 23, 1999;
  3. Whether the conversion would result in injury to other existing water rights; and 
  4. Mitigation measures to avoid injury and to ensure the continuation of authorized water uses by other existing water rights.
The rules also propose procedures for providing notice of a proposed conversion of a hydroelectric water right to an instream right and the Department's review and decision-making processes associated with a proposed conversion.
Division:  OAR 690-086
Status:  Preparing for Public Comment
Staff Lead:  Chris Kowitz
Summary:  OAR 690-086-0100 to 690-086-170 and 690-086-0900 to 690-086-0920 establish the guidelines and requirements for Water Management and Conservation Plans (WMCP) for municipal water suppliers.  For small municipal water suppliers that serve a population of less than 1000 people or have fewer than 300 service connections, these requirements may pose significant financial or staffing burdens, and may deter some from submitting these plans.  This rule would allow small municipal water suppliers to submit a Water Management and Conservation Plan that requires a level of detail and analysis the Department has deemed appropriate for a small municipality.  The information required in this rule would continue to ensure that water is being used responsibly, that emergency plans are in place, and that water rights and diversion amounts are fully understood by the supplier.  Miscellaneous sections of OAR 690-086-0100 to 690-086-170 and 690-086-0900 to 690-086-0920 will be updated to more closely align with industry standards and to streamline certain processes.
Division:  OAR 690-087 (new)
Status:  Preparing for Public Comment
Staff Lead:  Kerri Cope
Summary:  Per ORS 537.132(6), the Oregon Water Resources Commission is charged with developing and adopting rules to implement for the use of reclaimed water. The proposed rule will establish provisions for the procedures and standards required for registrations to appropriate reclaimed municipal water.

2018 Completed Rulemaking

Division 22

During a special meeting on April 13, the Oregon Water Resources Commission unanimously voted to approve temporary emergency rules (OAR 690-022-0060 to OAR 690-022-0063) granting a preference to water rights for human consumption use in Klamath County and water rights for stock water use in the Williamson River Basin within Klamath County.    

General Rulemaking Information

Current and Archived Rulemaking Notices 

For questions, please contact Rule Coordinator at (503) 986-0900, or via email at
During an open comment period, comments must be submitted by 5:00pm on the day the comment period closes to one of the following: 
By Mail:  Rule Coordinator, Oregon Water Resources Department
              725 Summer St. NE, Suite A
              Salem, OR 97301
By fax at: (503) 986-0903, Attn: Rule Coordinator