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Oregon Administrative Rules
Information * 
690-001 Rulemaking; Attorney General´s Model Rules
690-002 Procedural Rules for Contested Cases
690-003 Public Records Access and Reproduction
Timelines for Processing Applications Guidelines
(Repealed June 15, 2004)
690-004 Procedural Rules for Mediation Communication
690-005 Compliance with Statewide Planning Goals, Compatibility with Comprehensive Plans, and Coordination on Land Use Matters
690-008 Statutory Ground Water Terms
690-009 Ground Water Interference with Surface Water
Appropriation and Use of Ground Water
Applications And Permits
June 15, 2004
Out-of-Basin Diversions
Petition to Change Department Records within Water Districts
690-014 Certified Water Right Examiners
690-015​ ​Water Right Transfers

Renumbered to  690-380 April, 2003​

Rule History
690-016​ ​Use of Water on Alternative Acreage Repealed Feb 1, 1993​ Rule History
690-017 Cancellation of Perfected Water Rights
690-018 Allocation of Conserved Water
690-019 Drought Mitigation
690-020 Dam Safety

Water Management within Districts

Renumbered to 690-385  November 16, 2004

​690-022 ​Emergency Water Provisions - Klamath County N/A
690-025 ​Klamath Groundwater
(PDF 1.0 MB)
690-026 Filing and Processing of Spring Registrations (Due to Legislative changes, these rules are not applicable) Repealed
June 15, 2004
690-028 Surface Water Registrations and the Adjudication Process
690-029 Warm Springs Water Rights Negotiations
690-030 Contests in the Adjudication of Water Rights
690-033 Additional Public Interest Standards for New Appropriations
690-040 Administration of the Carey Act
690-050 Appropriation and Use of Water for Hydroelectric Power Projects Repealed
Nov 7, 2005
690-051 Appropriation and Use of Water for Hydroelectric Power and Standards for Hydroelectric Applications
690-052 Decommissioning Rules for Non-FERC
690-053 Hydroelectric license, Power Claim And Certificate Amendments
690-060​ ​General Standards for Construction and Maintenace of Water Wells in Oregon Repealed and Renumbered to 690-200 October, 1986​ Rule History​
690-061​ ​Construction of Wells Repealed and Renumbered to 690-210 October, 1986​ Rule History
690-062​ ​Maintenance of Wells Repealed and Renumbered to 690-215 October, 1986​ Rule History
690-063​ ​Abandonment of Wells Repealed and Renumbered to 690-220 October, 1986​ Rule History
690-064​ ​Groundwater Advisory Committee Repealed and Renumbered to 690-235 October, 1986​ Rule History
690-065​ ​Standards and Procedures for Low Temperture Geothermal Wells & Effluent Disposal System Repealed and Renumbered to 690-230 October, 1986​ Rule History
690-074 Standards for Consideration of Applications Involving Hydroelectric Projects Repealed
Nov 7, 2005
690-070​ ​Contested Case Hearings Before the Water Policy Board Repealed and Renumbered to 690-002 June 24, 1992​ Rule History​
690-076 Establishment of Minimum Perennial Streamflows
690-077 Instream Water Rights
(PDF 2.4 MB)
690-078 Applications and Permits for Chemical Process Mining
690-079 Reservations of Water for Future Economic Development
690-080 Programs for and Withdrawal from Control and use of State´s Water Resources
690-082 Acceptance of Applications for Water Uses in Addition to Classified Uses
690-085 Annual Reports and Serious Water Management Problem Areas
690-086 Water Management and Conservation Plans
690-090 Water Development Loan Fund
690-093​ ​Water Supply Development Grant and Loan Program Rule History
690-095 Columbia River Basin Water Development Loan Program
690-100 Payment for Public Benefits in Water Projects  
690-190 Exempt Groundwater Use Recording Requirements
690-200 Water Supply Well Construction and Maintenance  
(PDF 892 KB)
690-205 Licensing
(PDF 256 KB)
690-210 Well Construction Standards
(PDF 2.0 MB)
690-215 Maintenance, Repair and Deepening of Water Supply Wells
(PDF 36 KB)
690-217 Requirement for Pump Testing of Nonexempt Wells  
690-220 Abandonment of Wells
(PDF 524 KB)
690-225 Enforcement
(PDF 64 KB)
690-230 Standards and Procedures for Low-Temperature Geothermal Production and Injection Wells and Effluent Disposal Systems
690-235 Groundwater Advisory Committee
690-240 Construction and Maintenance of Monitoring Wells and Other Holes in Oregon
(PDF 396 KB)
690-250 Water Distribution
690-260 Civil Penalty Assessment for Other than Well Constructors
690-300 Definitions
690-310 Water Rights Application Processing
690-315 Water Right Permit Extensions
690-320 Water Rights Permits
690-325​​ ​Splitting a Permit Rule History
690-330 Water Right Certificates
690-340 Water Use Authorizations
690-350 Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) and Artificial Groundwater Recharge
690-380 Water Right Transfers
690-382 Ground Water Registration Modifications
690-385 District Water Right Transfers
690-400 State Water Resources Policy
690-410 Statewide Water Resource Management
Rule History  
690-500 Basin Programs
(PDF 253 KB)
690-501 North Coast Basin Program
(PDF 1.9 MB)
690-502 Willamette Basin Program
(PDF 3.7 MB)
690-503 Sandy Basin Program
(PDF 468 KB)
690-504 Hood River Basin Program
(PDF 414 KB)
690-505 Deschutes Basin Program
(PDF 611 KB)
690-506 John Day Basin Program
(PDF 1.4 MB)
690-507 Umatilla Basin Program
(PDF 534 KB)
690-508 Grande Ronde Basin Program
(PDF 2.2 MB)
Powder Basin Program
(PDF 402 KB)
Malheur Basin Program
(PDF 395 KB)
Owyhee Basin Program
(PDF 354 KB)
Malheur Lake Basin Program Provision
(PDF 560 KB)
(PDF 204 KB)
Goose and Summer Lakes Basin Program
(PDF 708 KB)
Rogue Basin Program
(PDF 825 KB)
Umpqua Basin Program
(PDF 2.6 MB)
South Coast Basin Program
(PDF 1.36 MB)
Mid-Coast Basin Program
(PDF 2.6 MB)
Columbia River Basin Program
(PDF 78 KB)
Middle Snake River Basin Program
(PDF 93 KB)
Rule History  
Mitigation Bank-Credit Rules
(PDF 126 KB)
Deschutes Basin Water Management  
   Rule History  
Water Conservation,Reuse and Storage Grant Program
  Rule History
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