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Reimbursement Authority


Reimbursement Authority is a project that provides the Water Resources Department the ability to enter into a voluntary agreement with an applicant for expedited agency action on an application or other request for regulatory action. Under such an agreement, the applicant pays the cost to hire additional staff, contract for services, or provide additional services to the applicant not otherwise available.

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Program Implementation

The Department´s Reimbursement Authority program consists of both internal staff and pre-qualified contractors. The Water Right Certificate Program uses internal staff that are paid through the reimbursement authority program. 
Applicants interested in an estimate of the cost and timeline for expedited processing must submit a Reimbursement Authority Estimate Application along with a fee of $125.00.

For more information on expediting a water right certificate, contact Kerry Kavanagh at 503-986-0927. For information on expediting a transfer application, contact Jessica Joye at 503-986-0814. 
In a separate contract, the water user agrees to an estimated time schedule for completing. The appropriate Reimbursement Authority Program flow chart provides a schematic of the process. In addition to the fee for expedited processing, the Department collects the statutorily required application fee. 

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Certificate Links and Resources

Certificate Reimbursement Authority Estimate Application (DOC 131 KB) 
Certificate Reimbursement Authority Program Flow Chart (PDF 23 KB) 
For more information please contact Kerry Kavanagh, 503-986-0927

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Transfer Links and Resources

Transfer Reimbursement Authority Estimate Application (DOC 181 KB)
Transfer Reimbursement Authority Program Flow Chart (PDF 25 KB) 
For more information please contact Jessica Joye, 503-986-0814

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Extension Reimbursement Authority Estimate Application (DOC 111 KB) 
For more information please contact Kerry Kavanagh, 503-986-0927

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