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Child Support for Youth at OYA

As of Jan. 1, 2022, parents of youth at OYA no longer have to pay child support in relation to their child's placement at OYA. They may still have to pay on already-existing child support orders.

For details or questions about your child support order, please contact your Oregon Child Support case manager, submit an inquiry through your online account, or call Customer Service at 800-850-0228.

About Social Security Benefits

If you currently get Social Security benefits for your child, those may be redirected to OYA. Oregon law requires OYA to apply for Social Security benefits for youth who are eligible. 

If your family was already receiving Social Security payments for your child, the payments now go to OYA to help pay for your child’s care. For more information, contact OYA's Social Security liaison at 503-373-7271.


Oregon Division of Child Support

Oregon Youth Authority
Social Security Liaison

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