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Child Support for Youth at OYA

Top Things to Know

You will most likely have to pay child support.

If your child is in OYA custody and was placed somewhere outside your home, Oregon law requires you to pay child support until they turn 18. Sometimes you have to pay until your child is 21 if they are enrolled in educational and vocational programs. 

Each parent must pay, even if they haven’t been involved in their child’s life. This is true even if your child was convicted as an adult.

OYA uses child support money to help pay for your child’s care, but we do not calculate or collect payments.

The Oregon Division of Child Support (DCS), not OYA, is responsible for the child support process. They will calculate how much you have to pay, send you an order to pay, and collect your child support payments every month. Then, those payments go to OYA to help pay us back for providing the treatment and services your child needs.
Even though OYA is not responsible for the child support process, we partner with DCS to provide you with guidance and help answer your questions.

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Figuring out your child support payment can take a long time.

We know this can be frustrating, but it may take a while before DCS figures out how much you must pay.

DCS will send you forms you can fill out to help them figure out your payment. They look at many things, including:
  • Your income
  • Travel credits for visitations between you and your child
  • Having private health insurance for your child
  • Owing attorney or legal fees for your child
  • Whether you have other children in your household with the same parents as your child who is in custody
  • Belonging to a union and paying union dues
These are not the only things they consider. Each family’s situation is different. That’s why it’s hard to estimate how much you’ll have to pay.

Do not ignore the paperwork from DCS!

The information you provide helps them determine a payment amount that fits your situation. There might be things about your situation that could affect the amount of your order, but DCS won’t consider those things if they don’t know about them.

DCS follows a strict timeline for collecting your information and making the final child support order. Their process will continue moving forward even if you do not respond.
Once the order is final, changes have to be made through your DCS case manager. It is important that you give DCS information about your situation early on.

If you currently get child support or Social Security benefits for your child, those may be redirected to OYA.

Oregon law requires OYA to apply for Social Security benefits for youth who are eligible. If your family was already receiving Social Security or child support payments for your child, the payments now go to OYA to help pay for your child’s care. For more information, contact OYA's Social Security liaison at 503-373-7271.


Oregon Division of Child Support

Oregon Youth Authority
Child Support Liaison

Oregon Youth Authority
Social Security Liaison

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