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Jobs at OYA

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We help youth change, which in turn helps keep communities safe. And our staff feel like they're making a meaningful difference.

“Rewarding," “make a difference," and “meaningful" are phrases you'll often hear from our employees. We seek people who want challenging work where they will learn, grow, and feel good about what they are doing.

Many OYA employees provide direct care for youth, while others serve in support roles in our administrative offices. All are united by a belief in the positive, developmental approach to rehabilitation, and by our culture of creating safe, supportive environments, where we all are held accountable, and where we are connected to our community.

Research shows that the brain continues developing until at least our mid-20s. That means we have rich opportunities for helping the youth in our care learn how to take responsibility for their behavior and how to act differently in the future. We do this by providing safe, positive, supportive environments where youth can become responsible citizens.

What kind of jobs does OYA offer?

Inside Secure Facilities — statewide

  • Group life coordinators: The most common entry-level position at OYA, they provide front-line supervision of close-custody youth, coordinate daily activities, and serve as positive role models.
  • Registered nurses
  • Multicultural services specialists
  • Clerical/office support
  • Cooks
  • Psychiatric social workers
  • Treatment managers
  • Maintenance workers

    Field Offices — statewide

  • Juvenile parole and probation officers
  • Foster care certifiers
  • Clerical/office support

    Central Office — Salem

  • Clerical/office support
  • Accountants
  • Contracts specialists
  • Policy Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Training and development specialists
  • Information technology specialists
  • Human resources specialists​

Anyone seeking to be a group life coordinator at OYA must complete a physical abilities test, or PAT. Because it's part of the pre-employment process, there is no compensation or expenses paid for this test.

Once you successfully complete the PAT, you will move on in the recruitment process. If you can't pass the PAT, you can take the test again after 30 days.

Required Physical Abilities

Candidates must be able to demonstrate they have the ability to:

  • handle, feel, and have finger dexterity using both hands
  • move or carry objects weighing 6-165 lbs. a maximum of 54 feet
  • kneel, bend, turn and stand, turn and sit, reach and crawl
  • perform 15 step-ups on a 12-inch stepping platform
  • run or jog 100 yards
  • hold body weight in the push-up position for 50 seconds
  • hold a 6-pound medicine ball at chest level with arms extended for a period of 40 seconds
  • complete the circuit outlined above two times with a one-minute break between sessions

Candidates must also have:

  • acceptable vision of at least 20/30 (with or without glasses or contacts) in both eyes, with peripheral vision of 160 degrees from a distance of 20 feet
  • binaural hearing (with or without hearing aids) in ranges from 500 to 2000 hertz and from 20 to 60 decibels.

​As an employee of the Oregon Youth Authority, you would have access to:

​OYA recognizes and values the commitment and talent gained in serving our country and encourages veterans to apply. The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries enforces public employer compliance with veteran's preference requirements. Read more about employment opportunities for veterans.


​At OYA we are committed to achieving an equitable and diverse workforce within our agency through affirmative action and equal employment opportunity measures.  We know a diverse workforce brings a welcome variety of perspectives about important issues and is essential for providing the sensitivity and awareness we need to appropriately deliver services to youth and establish critical relationships with our many community partners. For more information check out the OYA Affirmative Action Plan and the State of Oregon's Affirmative Action policy.

After evaluating qualified applications, the hiring manager will extend interview invitations to select applicants. The best way to find out the status of your application is to log into your Workday profile and check the status.

Please note that, because of the volume of applications we receive, we often do not schedule interviews for three to six weeks after we refer applications to the hiring manager. We appreciate your patience with the lengthy process.

Candidates are more than welcome to call 503-373-7552​ for further assistance.

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For more information about employment at OYA, please call 503-373-7552.

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