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Staff Conduct - Reporting Commendations, Complaints or Grievances
The staff of the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) understand that our greatest resource and asset is the support and assistance that is given by our community.  This “partnership” between the citizens of Oregon and the OYA is something that we must constantly strive to protect, and it is a responsibility shared by every member of the agency.  Input from the people we serve is very important and aids the agency in evaluating the services we provide.
The OYA is always interested in how staff do their job.  Your comments, both those which may be critical and those which are complimentary, are very useful in ensuring that we perform our mission as efficiently, effectively, and professionally as possible.

Reporting a Commendation (Job Well Done)
Frequently, many of our employees exceed the expectations of the public in performing their duties.  If you have observed an OYA employee performing in such an exemplary manner, we encourage you to let us know about it.
Options for reporting commendations on behalf of an OYA staff member for a job well done are: 
  • Submit a Service Award Nomination form (pdf).
  • Call the Professional Standards Office (PSO) directly at 503-378-5313 and report your commendation.  If the attendant is busy, leave a voice mail and someone will return your call as soon as possible.
  • Mail or fax (with any supporting documentation) to the following:

         Oregon Youth Authority
         Professional Standards Office
         530 Center Street NE, Suite 500
         Salem, OR 97301-3777

         FAX:  503-373-1460

  • Employee Name
  • Work Station/Location
  • Your commendation, recognition or comments
  • Date of commendation
  • Your contact information  

How to File a Complaint
The OYA recognizes that allegations of employee misconduct or complaints of inappropriate behavior can alert the agency to problems which require disciplinary action or identify the need for remedial training.  The agency also recognizes that complaints from the public, staff, partnering agencies or youth and family members, whether substantiated or not, increase the agency’s awareness of actual or potential problems, as well as the community’s perceptions and attitudes about the OYA’s practices and procedures.   Individuals are encouraged to submit their complaints as soon after the incident as possible.  There are several different formats which may be used to file a complaint with the Professional Standards Office (PSO).  They include:
  • The OYA Complaint Hotline - 1-800-315-5440:  After calling the Hotline, you will be prompted to leave a detailed message regarding your complaint and your contact information (if other than anonymous).  The Hotline is reviewed several times per day and call backs are usually made within 24 hours of the next business day.  You may also call the PSO direct phone number at (503) 378-5313.
  • Electronic Complaint Form:  The Electronic Complaint Form can be filled out online and submitted electronically to the PSO.
  • PSO Email Address: Emails containing complaint information can be sent directly to the PSO email address at: professionalstandards.office@state.or.us
Note: The investigation of anonymous complaints can be difficult.  However, the PSO is committed to investigating anonymous reports as fully as possible based on the amount of information that is provided.
Complainants will be informed of the status of the complaint and its ultimate disposition.
Your complaint will be kept as confidential as possible. Should the information received in your complaint result in criminal or administrative action, your complaint information may be released to the proper authorities and/or parties involved.
Youth Grievance
Youth or parents/guardians have a right to file a grievance and/or complaint whenever they believe they have been dealt with unjustly and/or their rights have been violated.  Staff must provide grievance forms to a youth or family member upon their request. 
Grievances and/or complaints are often made in a variety of formats, including verbal statements, letters or other written statements.  These will be acted upon immediately in the same manner as a Youth Grievance form and will not be delayed waiting for a specific form.

It is OYA policy that staff will not discriminate against youth based on race, national origin, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or mental/physical handicap.  Facility and field supervision is intended to provide youth with access to programs, services, and a level of supervision that promotes personal reformation and development.

Youth will not be subjected to:

  • Discrimination
  • Corporal or unusual punishment
  • Physical abuse
  • Mental abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Humiliation
  • Punitive interference with daily functions of living

Youth will not be denied:

  • Regular meals
  • Exercise
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Medical care
  • Correspondence privileges
  • Legal assistance
  • Religious rights
  • Voting privileges for youth over 18 years old

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