These are the terms most commonly used to define posting and membership status.

Membership Status

A member is an eligible employee who has established membership in the PERS Chapter 238 Program, or the Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan Pension Program, or the Individual Account Program and whose membership has not been terminated. Member includes active, inactive, and retired members.
Active Member
An active member is a member who is presently employed by a participating employer in a PERS Chapter 238 or OPSRP Pension Program qualifying position, and who has completed the six-month waiting period.
Inactive Membernactive Member
An inactive PERS Chapter 238 Program member is a member who is not employed in a qualifying position, whose membership has not been terminated by account withdrawal or loss of membership, and who is not retired for service or disability.
An inactive OPSRP Pension Program member is an OPSRP Pension Program or IAP member whose membership has not been terminated, who is not a retired member and who is not employed in a qualifying position.
Alternate Payee
An alternate payee is a spouse, former spouse, child, or other dependent of a PERS member or Deferred Compensation Program participant who is recognized by a qualified domestic relations order as having a right to receive all, or a portion of, the retirement account or benefits with respect to the member or plan participation.
Deceased Member
A deceased member status defines a member who is no longer alive. Distribution is to the beneficiary. The effective date of death is the first of the month of the participant’s date of death.
Retired Member
A retired member is a member who is receiving a retirement allowance for a regular service or a disability retirement or a member who has received a total lump-sum distribution of his or her retirement benefits.
Withdrawn member (refunded time and withdrawal of account balance)
A withdrawn member terminates all rights under 238, forfeiting PERS membership and service credit due to a voluntary withdrawal (refund) or a loss of membership refund of their account balance.
Note: A loss of membership refund and membership forfeiture occurs when a non-vested member is absent from the service of a PERS participating employer for more than five years.
Employment Segments (open with NOE/close with NOS)

The period of employment with one employer, from the date the member entered a PERS-qualifying position to the date the member left that PERS-qualifying position. Members may have more than one employment segment with an employer or may have concurrent employment segments with two or more employers.
Notice of Employment (DTL1-NOE, EDX demographic record)
The DTL1-NOE record is the system notification to PERS from an employer of the hiring of an employee into a PERS-qualifying position.
Notice of Separation (DTL1-NOS, EDX demographic record)
The DT1-NOS record is the system notification to PERS by an employer that a member is separating from a PERS-qualifying position. Information reported by the employer includes last day worked and/or the last day of paid leave.
Member Account
A member account is the combined, member demographics, employment history (with PERS participating employers) wage and hours, total earned service credit and the amount of money in a member's regular and variable accounts at any point in time. The account balance includes all contributions made by the member or on the member’s behalf by the employer. It does not include employer contributions.
Contributions are the money given to a retirement system to fund member’s benefits. Contributions are made by members and by employers. Member contributions are posted to the member’s individual account. Employer contributions are held in a separate fund to be used for the purpose of payment of future retirement and death benefits.
Member account earnings
Actual earnings available for distribution less deductions provided by law credited annually to all active and inactive members’ accounts.
Creditable Service (CRSVC)
Creditable service is any period of time during which an active member is being paid a salary by a participating public employer and contributions are being made to the system either by or on behalf of the member. For purposes of computing years of creditable service, full months and major fractions of a month shall be considered to be one-twelfth of a year and shall be added to all full years. One month of creditable service is earned for each major fraction of a month served. Creditable service includes all retirement credit received by a member.
The Payment Categories chart will provide quick guidance regarding subject and non-subject salary.
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