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Suspended records are records that have encountered errors during processing. Suspended records can be found by following these steps for unposted reports found on the “Work on Wage and Contribution Reports” page which is accessed by clicking the “Work on Reports” link in the Site Navigation area on any EDX page: 
1) Clicking the “Edit” link and review “Option 3 - Unposted Records
2) Clicking the “View Report” link under the Reject/Edit Report heading
3) Clicking the “View Details” link Under the View Details heading.

EDX screen shot of Unposted Regular Reports screen

Suggestions for correcting suspended records and the most common causes of suspended records can be found on slides 10-30 of the Fall 2012 Outreach Presentation.

Eligibility status codes are used to report employer “hire intent” for specific positions. “Hire intent" is determined by the employer, not PERS, and states the employer expectation of service by an employee in a specific job with an employer in any calendar year. An explanation of “hire intent” can be found on slides 3-9 of the Eligibility Presentation.