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PERS attempts to locate and contact beneficiaries; however, there are times when locating a beneficiary is not possible. The Unclaimed Deceased Member Benefits List is a regularly updated list of deceased members for whom PERS has benefits that are still payable. For privacy reasons, the list does not display the names of people to whom benefits are payable, only information regarding the deceased member. In some instances the benefits will be due to the deceased member’s estate, in others, the benefits may be due to individual beneficiaries.
If you find a family member on the list, please complete a Deceased Member Benefit Inquiry​ form and mail or fax it to PERS. Fill in as much information as possible to assist us in evaluating whether the deceased member and your family member are the same person. PERS will review the account to determine what benefits are payable and to whom.
PERS will then contact and inform you of our findings. If you are entitled to a benefit, we will also provide information on how to claim your benefit.
Please allow 30 days to receive an initial response from PERS after your inquiry form has been received.
To search for a family member on this list, open the PDF at the hyperlink above. To open a search/find window, press the Ctrl key and the F key on your keyboard (Command+F on a Mac). In the window, type in the name you would like to search.
Please be aware that the address shown on the list is the last known address PERS had on record for the member. This is to assist you in determining if the deceased member listed and your family member are the same person.

Deceased Member Benefit Inquiry Form​

Use this form to make an inquiry about a deceased member found on the list.​​