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If a divorce will affect your PERS account, send a copy of the divorce decree to the divorce department. You may also want to change your beneficiary of record by completing a new Pre-Retirement Beneficiary Designation form (Tier One/Tier Two only) if your divorce decree allows. You may also want to consider updating your IAP beneficiary of record (all plans) through the IAP Pre-Retirement Designation of Beneficiary form, if your divorce decree allows.

General Information on Divorce and-PERS Benefits
You will need to notify PERS in writing of any name change by completing a Information Change Request form.

Additional divorce forms

You can write the Divorce Unit directly or fax your request to:                    

Oregon PERS/Divorce Unit
PO Box 23700
Tigard OR  97281-3700
FAX: 503-598-0561