Purchase-Related Forms for Tier One/Tier Two members

Notice: You must submit a written benefit estimate request if you are a Tier One/Tier Two member and want to consider a purchase at retirement

A written benefit estimate will show what purchases (if any) are available to you and the estimated cost of those purchases. All eligible waiting time and forfeited service (refunded time) purchases are automatically included in the estimate. Provide any additional information about purchases you may be eligible for at retirement​ on the estimate request form.

Full details about purchases can be found on the Tier One/Tier Two Purchases page. 

All Purchases 

You must request a written benefit estimate to receive the estimated cost of what purchases (if any) are available to you. 

Below are additional forms you may need to fill out for specific purchases. ​Please refer to the Tier One/Tier Two Purchases page for full details, FAQs, and other information before submitting these forms.​

Seasonal Service Time Purchase

Certification of Seasonal Service

Out-of-State School Service Time Purchase

Certification of Out-of-State Teaching Service

Non-PERS Police and Fire Service Time Purchase (in Oregon)

Certification of Non-Participating Oregon PERS Employer for Police or Firefighter ​

Out-of-State Police Service Time Purchase

Certification of Out-of-State Police Officer

P&F Unit Purchase

Police Officer and Firefighter Unit Purchase Election at Retirement ​