Public Employees Retirement System

​​​​​​​Important notice: PERS processes many written benefit estimate requests in retirement date order, with the earliest retirement dates first. Average processing time is currently 1-2​ months. However, estimate processing time may vary from member to member, as each account is different, so we are unable to advise exactly when your request will be processed.

PERS is currently processing all estimates received in November​ 2021.​​

​Please note that if your PERS account involves a divorce, your estimate may take longer to process.

​PERS can only provide written pension benefit estimates for retirement dates within the upcoming 24 months. ​

When you are within 24 months of the earliest date you are eligible to retire, you can request a Tier One/Tier Two  or OPSRP​ written benefit estimate. If you​ are a Tier One or Tier Two member whose account involves a divorce, you must use a divorce-related account form you are to request an estimate. 
You can also create online estimates at any point in your career by logging in to your Online Member Services (OMS) account. Note: Estimates created through OMS do not yet reflect the changes in Senate Bill (SB) 1049 and may not be accurate for members earning more than the SB 1049 salary limit.
If your PERS account involves a divorce, you should request a written benefit estimate. OMS cannot correctly calculate a benefit estimate on an account with a divorce award.
Two estimates will be provided free of charge in a calendar year. Use the PERS Additional Estimate Fee Agreement form to purchase an additional estimate.
​If you have not previously gotten a written estimate and are a Tier One/Tier Two member, we recommend you do so if you want to consider a purchase at retirement. A written benefit estimate will show what purchases (if any) are available to you and the estimated cost of those purchases. Once you have a written benefit estimate, your purchase information will then show in your OMS benefit estimates.
Note that an estimate from PERS only includes information on your Tier One/Tier Two or OPSRP retirement benefit. You can use the IAP Balance and Installment C​alculator ​​​to estimate your Individual Account Program (IAP) distribution at retirement.
Here is a list of terms used in a benefit estimate. 

Generate a Benefit Estimate using OMS FAQ   

1. How many benefit estimates can I generate online and how long are they stored in the database? 
A. You may create as many benefit estimates as you would like. However, the system will only store the six most recent estimates. These estimates will be available until a benefit is processed. 
2. How current is the data used in my benefit estimate(s)? 
A. The data used is the most current information that your employer(s) has provided. Normally, employers report data to PERS monthly so there could be a lag. Account balances are current as of December 31 of the previous year.
3. Where can I get more information on buy backs or purchases? (for Tier One/Tier Two members only)  
A. Information on purchases

Note: PERS is aware of an issue that our Police and Firefighter (P&F) members are experiencing when attempting to check the cost of their P&F units while creating a benefit estimate through their OMS account.
We are currently working to have the issue corrected as soon as possible.

If you are within two years or your retirement date, you can submit your Tier One or Tier Two benefit estimate request by mail or by fax to request a P&F units purchase letter, which will include the cost of your remaining P&F units.

​4. Why is my "waiting time" purchase cost $0.00? (for Tier One/Tier Two members only)  
A. Your employer may not have reported income for your first year of employment or the information may not be in the system. This information will be retrieved for a written benefit estimate.
5. Why is service time shown in months instead of years? 
A. Statute directs that accrued service time is earned in months. 
6. Why can't I enter my unused vacation hours to count toward my final average salary? 
A. Unused vacation time is not used toward final average salary for Tier Two and OPSRP Pension Program members. 
7. Why is my benefit estimate in OMS vastly different from the written benefit estimate I received from PERS? 
A. If you have a divorce on file at PERS or were a member of TIAA CREF (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund), the system is unable to calculate these benefits accurately. Please keep in mind that this is an "estimate" and the information provided determines the accuracy of the calculation.