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Frequently Asked Questions  

1.       How do I change my address with OBOP?
The Board requires all changes to be submitted in writing.  Please submit your information online
2.       How do I obtain a duplicate copy of my license?  

The Board sends the first 2 certified copies free, upon initial licensure as well as renewal.  If you need more than 2 or request copies at another time, each additional page of 2 copies will now be $5.00.  Log into your eGov account to request additional copies.  
3.       I have changed jobs, how do I let the Board know?
Oregon Administrative Rule requires that all licensees advises the Board of all employment changes, name changes and address changes in writing within 15 days.  Log into your eGov account to update your record.  
  4.       My name has changed, how do I change my name on my license? 
The Board requires a copy of the legal document showing your name has been legally changed. Accepted documents include copies of Marriage Certificates, Divorce Decrees, or Court Documents showing your name has been legally changed. We also require a copy of your drivers’ license or social security card showing your new name.    
5.     Can I renew my license online? 

Yes.  If you have received the notice that it is time to renew your licence, or your license expires in the next 75 days, please click Log into your eGov account to renew your license.

6.     Are license verifications available online?
Yes, you can check the current status of any license by clicking here

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1.      Our store carries over the counter medications, do we need to be registered with the           Board of Pharmacy?
Yes.  The Board of Pharmacy registers all establishments selling nonprescription drugs.  Please complete a Nonprescription Drug Outlet application
2.        Must I submit a floor plan if I am an out of state pharmacy?
Yes.  All floor plans must show the location of the sink, windows, refrigerator and doors.
3.      Where is the out of state pharmacy application on the web?
All pharmacies use the same retail drug outlet application.
4.      Does the Board of Pharmacy accept "Out of State" online license verifications?
5.     Are license verifications available online?
Yes, you can check the current status of any license by clicking here.
6.     Must I post the generic sign as per OAR 689.515(4) if I am an out of state pharmacy and/or in state without walk in customers.
7.     What is a reverse distributor?
A wholesaler who will take back controlled substances and destroy them. This does not apply to a company’s own product.
8.    I am registering as a manufacturer but don’t have an FDA number? 
Usually only companies that manufacture a product get receive a FDA number, re-packagers don’t.

9.    My DEA # is pending, may I still apply for controlled substances?

If the facility is located in Oregon, a DEA license will not be issued until the Oregon license is issued,  but out of state facilities must already be registered with the DEA to apply with us.
10.    The Post Office/County/City has changed our address, do we need to complete a location change application?
If your facility does not change location, but changes address because the post office/County/City has required them to do so, a fee is not required. We request a letter only, preferably with the letter from the post office verifying such a change.  If your facility makes a change to the address, then a new application and fees are required to be submitted.  This would happen in a case, when a facility decides to use a door on another side of the facility as their entrance.
11.  Our facility sells oxygen and medical devices, what type of license do we need?
If your facility sells oxygen and medical devices to a specific patient,  your establishment must  register as a Nonprescription Drug Outlet - Class C.  With a Class C registration, you can also sell to facilities but only if the sale is patient specific. A wholesaler and manufacturer may sell in bulk (not patient specific) to other facilities. If your establishment transfills oxygen, meaning oxygen going from a large container to small cylinder then you can only register as a manufacturer.

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