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Marijuana - Controlled Substance Information
Rescheduling of Controlled Substances - Chapter 855, Division 080
Press Release - 6/29/10
Background Information and Clarification
Press Release - 6/16/10 
On June 16, 2010 the Board adopted permanent rules that reschedule methamphetamine into Controlled Substance Schedule 1 and marijuana into Controlled Substance Schedule II.
Permanent Rule Filing Certificate - Effective 6/29/10

The following materials were provided to the Board for their consideration for the required rescheduling of marijuana pursuant to 475.059 (Classification of marijuana. The State Board of Pharmacy shall classify marijuana as a controlled substance in Schedule II, III, IV or V. [2009 c.898 §2]) prior to the Rulemaking Hearing on May 18, 2010.
Included are documents provided to the Board for review,  other documents Board Staff reviewed and testimony that has been submitted by the public.
Reference List 
Provided to the Board by Staff - January 27, 2010
2009 SB 728
Staff Briefing to Board of Pharmacy 01-10
Cannibis Review
Medical Marijuana and the Developing Role of the Pharmacist
Medicinal Use of Cannabis In The U.S., Historical Perspectives, Current Trends and Future Directions
Pharmacological Actions And Therapeutic Uses Of Cannabis And Cannabinoids
Pot in a Pill
Scientific Evidence For Medical Marijuana Use
State Medical Marijuana Laws Understanding The Laws And Their Limitations
Therapeutic Aspects of Cannabis And Cannabinoids
Other Materials Staff Reviewed
2006 State Estimates Of Substance Use And Mental Health-OR
Addiction And The Pharmacology of Cannabis
A Peek Into Pandoras Box-The Medical Excuse Marijuana Controversy 2003
Cannabis Its Therapeutic Use Nov 21-Nov 27,2001
CFR-Schedules I-V
Characteristics of patients with chronic pain accessing treatment with medical cannabis in WA State, Sep-Oct-2009
Concise Handbook of Psychoactive Herbs
Creating The Cannabis User - A Post-structuralist Analysis of Reclassification of Cannabis in the UK
Dosing Medical Marijuana Rational Guidelines on Trial in WA State 09.11.07
Factors Associated With Transition From Abuse To Dependence Among Substance Abuser Implications or a measure of addictive liability 10.01.05
Fiscal Analysis of Proposed Legislation SB728 6.09
History of Cannabis as Medicine 11.21.05
Iowa BOP Recommends Marijuana as C-II
It Is Time for Marijuana to Be Reclassified as Something Other Than Schedule I Drug
Marijuana Dependence and Its Treatment 12.07
Marijuana Dispensaries and the Federal Government Recommendations to the Obama Administration in 2009
Marijuana Neurobiology and Treatment 12.08.08
Medical Marijuana and the Supreme Court 8.18.05
Medical Marijuana Jun-Jul 2005
Medicinal Application Of Delta 9-THC and Marijuana
NABP 2009 Symposium 
National Household Survey On Drug Abuse Report
Political Ecology of Medical Marijuana Germplasm Access and Delivery
Rescheduling Cannabis-NOTES 3-10
Stakeholders to Address Pharmaceutical Legal Implications of Medical Marijuana
States Forge Ahead With Medical Marijuana Despite Federal Ruling 07.15.01
The Cannabis Rescheduling Petition
The Great Cannabis Classification Debacle 12.5.08 
The Latest Buzz on Medicinal Marijuana Legal and Medical Perspective Sep-Oct 2001
The Legalization of Cannabis for Medical Use 2002
What Americans Need To Know About Marijuana
US Considers Medical Role For Marijuana
Public Testimony
OR State Police OMMA Presentation - 8-2009 
ICT Reference Project 3.10
L. Funk Testimony 
L. Funk Testimony 5-10 - Revised
B. McKey Testimony SB728
B. Michaels Testimony 4-7-10
C. McGarvin Testimony 4-8-10
P. Barran Testimony 4.10
P. Branum Testimony 4.10
S. Ray Testimony 4.7.10
K. Dickerson Testimony 5-10 
G. Bensinger Testimony 5-10
B. Walker Testimony 5-10
J. Ward Testimony 5-10
K. Murray Testimony 5-10 
M. Miller Testimony 5-10
M. Suttenberg Testimony 5-10
M Wiley Testimony 5-10
R. Bayer Testimony 5-10
R Tower Testimony 5-10
T. Pelotolon Testimony 5-10
A. Erickson Testimony 5-10
A. Ivany Testimony 5-10
A. Johnson Testimony 5-10
D. Heuer Testimony 5-10
G. Barton Testimony 5-10
G. Byers Testimony 5-10
G. Pappas Testimony 5-10
J. Alexander Testimony 5-10
J. Bowman Testimony 5-10
J. Sajo Testimony 5-10 
K. Feeney Testimony 5-10
OSPA Testimony 5-10
R. Nelson ONEA Testimony 5-10
S. Burbank Testimony 5-10
T. Dickerson Testimony 5-10
Postcard Testimony - Received 311 identical postcards from various indiduals
Other Postcard Testimony - Updated 5/19/10
Heroin isn't the drug that's killing most Oregonians 
AP IMPACT: US drug war has met none of its goals