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State laws regulating the practice of pharmacy in Oregon fall into two categories: statutes and rules.
OREGON REVISED STATUTES (ORS) are laws which have been enacted by a vote of the legislature.  Only the Oregon Legislature may change the ORS.  The Oregon Board of Pharmacy has the responsibility for implementing and regulating Chapters 475 (Oregon Uniform Controlled Substances Act) and 689 (Oregon Pharmacy Act) of the Oregon Revised Statutes.
ORS 689.305 Registration of drug outlets; rules. 
(1) All drug outlets shall annually register with the State Board of Pharmacy.
(2)(a) Each drug outlet shall apply for a certificate of registration in one or more of the following classifications:
(A) Retail drug outlet.
(B) Institutional drug outlet.
(C) Manufacturing drug outlet.
(D) Wholesale drug outlet.
(E) Nonprescription drug outlet.
(b) No individual who is employed by a corporation which is registered under any classification listed in paragraph (a) of this subsection need register under the provisions of this section.
(3) The board shall establish by rule under the powers granted to it under ORS 689.155 and 689.205 the criteria which each drug outlet must meet to qualify for registration in each classification designated in subsection (2)(a) of this section. The board may issue various types of certificates of registration with varying restrictions to the designated outlets where the board deems it necessary by reason of the type of drug outlet requesting a certificate.
(4) It shall be lawful for a drug outlet registered under this section to sell and distribute nonprescription drugs. Drug outlets engaging in the sale and distribution of such items shall not be deemed to be improperly engaged in the practice of pharmacy.
OREGON ADMINISTRATIVE RULES (OAR), on the other hand, are written by the Board of Pharmacy. Rules are required to be supported by a statute. Rules typically are less general and more specific to a particular situation. All Oregon pharmacy rules are found in OAR Chapter 855. Chapter 855 is divided into Divisions which are categorized by subject.  Below is a partial list of divisions by title, which pertain to pharmacies. Division 41 is by far the largest and most pertinent to the practice of pharmacy.
You may access the RULES ONLINE; or order a CD containing the Oregon Board of Pharmacy Laws & Rules. Alternatively, you may access the divisions listed below by clicking on the individual links.
Frequently Asked Questions for Division 45

The Oregon Board of Pharmacy is dedicated to the quality of care and safety of patients.  A Quality Assurance Plan (QA) is the process of demonstrating a commitment to the ongoing improvement of customer outcomes through the systematic review and enhancement of the pharmacy quality of care standards and their continuous improvement over time.  For guidelines and sample plans, please see our page on Quality Assurance Plans.
Change in ownership or location requires new application and fee.  For questions regarding licensing issues, please contact Licensing Representative (All Drug Outlet Establishments)