Offer Post-License Education

Property managers must complete the 27-hour Property Manager Advanced Practices (PMAP) course prior to their first active license renewal or first activation of a license that's never been active. (OAR 863-020-0010

A Certified Continuing Education Provider must apply to the Agency with the following:
  • An Agency-approved form (PDF) that includes affirmations that the applicant is a certified continuing education provider and that the provider and the instructors will follow the rules in OAR Chapter 863 divisions 20 and 22.
  • Signatures of all individuals authorized to sign certificates of attendance.
  • A copy of the syllabus and the hours and percentages allocated for each course topic demonstrating that the course meets the requirements for an Advanced Real Estate Practices course in the instructional guidelines given in OAR 863-022-0020.
  • The final examination(s) consisting of a minimum of 60 questions.  The number of questions from each course topic must correspond to the number of hours and percentages of time required for each course topic under the instructional guidelines given in OAR 863-022-0022.
  • The answer key for the final examination, as a separate document.
  • A copy of a completed and signed Instructor Qualifications Form (PDF) required by OAR 863-020-0060 for each instructor teaching this course demonstrating that the instructors meet the qualifications under OAR 863-020-0060.
  • If the continuing education provider will be using a course purchased from a vendor who developed the course, the provider must submit a completed Vendor Written Authorization Form (PDF).
  • If the applicant wishes to provide the course in a distance education format, the petitioner must submit:
    • Student assignments and periodic quizzes that allow the petitioner to monitor the student’s progress in the course, and
    • A description of the process the petitioner will use to ensure that the student enrolled in the course is the person taking the final examination and that the final examination is monitored.
  • A sample certificate of attendan​ce​ (PDF).
The Agency will review the application and required documents. After the review the Agency will notify the petitioner in writing of the Agency's decision. If the Agency refuses to approve the application, the Certified Continuing Education Provider may request a contested case hearing pursuant to ORS chapter 183.

Certified Continuing Education Providers offering an advanced practices course have the following responsibilities:

  • Include the name of the course, either "Broker Advanced Practices, "Principal Broker Advanced Practices," or "Property Manager Advanced Practices," on all documents relating to the course including course offered and certificates of attendance​ (PDF).
  • Ensure that the course meets the minimum length requirement of 27 hours.  The instructor may allow a break of no more than 10 minutes as part of each hour of instruction.
  • Assign each course an identifying course number. (Any number is acceptable. Each course must have its own number.)
  • Ensure that each instructor who teaches the course completes and signs the Instructor Qualifications Form (PDF) required by OAR 863-020-0050 and meets the qualifications under OAR 863-020-0060.
  • Give each licensee who completes a course a completed certificate of attendance​ (PDF) containing specific information on the provider, instructor and course per OAR 863-020-0050.
  • Keep detailed records of each course provided for three years as required by OAR 863-020-0055.
  • Notify the Agency of any changes to information originally submitted as part of the certification process by logging into eLicense and submitting the changes.
  • Notify Agency if certified continuing education provider discontinues offering the course by logging into eLicense
  • Notify Agency if certified continuing education provider no longer meets the qualifications to be a certified continuing education provider in OAR 863-020-0020 by logging in to eLicense