Offer Pre-License Education

​Property manager license applicants must take an approved 60-hour property manager pre-license course from an Oregon community college, college, or university, or licensed Oregon private career school.  

​Qualifications to offer property manager pre-license education

To offer the property manager pre-license course, you must be an Oregon community college, college, or university, or a licensed Private Career School.

Submit property manager pre-license course for approval 

You will need to apply to the Agency for course approval. Contact the Licensing & Education Manager for more information.​​

You may seek a private career school license from the Higher Education Coordinating Commission and submit courses to the Agency for approval at the same time.

Responsibilities of a pre-license course provider

Once the pre-license courses are approved, the pre-license course provider must:

  • Inform each student that:
    • The student must provide proof to the provider that the student has applied to the Agency for a property manager license.
    • The course provider will notify PSI when the student is eligible to take the property manager license exam.
  • Obtain proof from the student that they have applied for a broker license with the Agency.
  • Notify PSI when a student has successfully completed the property manager pre-license courses according to the requirements and instructions of PSI. This makes the student eligible to take the property manager ​license exam.
  • Provide a certificate of completion to each student.
  • Renew course approval annually.

(OAR 863-022-0060)

Renewal of pre-license course approval

Approval of pre-license courses expires every year on July 1. The Agency will send renewal emails to the email addresses on file as a courtesy. It is the responsibility of the course provider to make sure the course approval is renewed in a timely manner.​