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​​​​The Oregon Real Estate Agency adopted DAS Statewide Policy 107-001-030​, which establishes standard ​policies relating to the charging practices and policies for fulfilling requests for public records and providing a standard process ​to use when evaluating requests to reduce or waive fees assessed for fulfilling a request.

Public Records Request​ Process

Submit all records requests to the Oregon Real Estate Agency by email to: ​​​

If it determines that there will be a cost to fulfilling the public records request, the Agency will notify the requester of the initial cost estimate. 

The Agency will seek approval, before initiating work to fulfill a public records request, if the total costs estimated are more than $25. 

The Agency will work with the requester to refine the scope of their request or otherwise reduce out-of-pocket cost when the initial cost-estimate is greater than $250.

Standard Fee Schedule

The Oregon Real Estate Agency shall waive a minimum of 30 minutes of staff time for all public records requests after which fees may be assessed for additional staff time, applicable services, and supplies following the applicable fee-schedule below.

​The Agency may deny eligibility for the 30-minute waiver if abuse by the requester is determined to exist either by:

  • Fragmenting a request that if taken in the aggregate would amount to significantly more than 30 minutes; or
  • Submitting multiple small requests in a short time-frame causing an undue burden on the Agency.

The hourly rate charged for additional staff time will be based on the level of skill or expertise required to complete the work performed. Meaning, if work done to fulfill a request requires clerical-level skills, the Agency may only charge the clerical hourly rate for the ​time spent on that portion of the work (as a maximum), even if a managerial-level or professional-level employee actually fulfills the request on behalf of the Agency.

The Agency will not charge for staff time spent witnessing records inspection when the estimated cost of making public records available for inspection is:

  • Less than the cost of providing the requestor with a copy of the public record; or
  • Insignificant (requested public records are readily accessible and do not require review, redaction, or segregation).

Fees will be charged for staff time required to redact exempt information from requested public records before release.

The Agency is statutorily required to consider and grant reasonable requests to waive or reduce fees associated with fulfilling a public records request when doing so is in the public interest because providing access primarily benefits the general public.

Staff time

Fees for staff time required to fulfill a public records request shall not exceed:

  • $2​5 per hour for Clerical (administrative, office specialists, other support staff).
  • $40 per hour for Managerial (Program managers, PIOs).
  • $75 per hour for Professional (IT, HR, High-level Analyst).
  • DOJ, special attorney, and other applicable legal fees: At the actual hourly rate charged for public records request-related services. Fees are subject to statutory limitations described in ORS 192.440(4)(b).​

​Production of Responsive Records

Fees generated by providing paper or electronic copies to requesters:

  • ​Copies: Based on current state printing and distribution price list.
  • Media: Based on statewide price-agreement with OfficeMax.
  • Postage: Based on current postal rates.

Additional Cost Considerations

Miscellaneous fees related to production and release of responsive records: ​​

  • ​Expedited Archive retrieval.
  • Costs of software companies/contracts (as needed to manage the volume of requests).
  • Other 3rd party costs (in extreme circumstances).

​Submit all public records requests to the Oregon Real Estate Agency by email to:​​​​