​The good news: We are living longer. The bad news: We’re not saving enough. The average savings for Americans nearing retirement is just $12,000. Studies have shown we are 15 times more likely to save if we have a retirement ​option at work, but about 1 million workers in Oregon don’t have that option today.

To address this crisis, the Oregon Legislature passed legislation to create OregonSaves, which will help individuals and families save and help businesses without retirement plans compete with those that do. It will also help taxpayers because more people saving means less strain on our social services programs.

OregonSaves is a simple and convenient way for workers to save for retirement. Enrollment is automatic; employees don’t need to do anything. Contributions are through payroll deductions, and employees’ IRAs stay with them throughout their careers. Facilitating OregonSaves is also simple for businesses; it's just like deducting payroll taxes.

The program began with a pil​ot in July 2017 with employers who expressed interest in participating. After the pilot, it began rolling out in phases, starting in October 2017 with larger businesses and over time to smaller businesses. Employers from later waves can join early by contacting OregonSaves. Individuals can sign themselves up directly at https://saver.oregonsaves.com​.


Get involved

OregonSaves is overseen by the Oregon Retirement Savings Board, a part of the Oregon State Treasury. Board meetings are open to the public. Check out the meeting page​ for information on upcoming and past meetings.​ If you would like to provide input and feedback about the program, please contact us​.


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​​Studies & Reports

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News Releases​​







Invest in yourself, and save on your taxes: Treasurer Read encourages Oregonians to take advantage of 'Saver's Credit'





Pioneering OregonSaves off to a speedy start, with more than $100,000 already saved and strong reviews from employers and the public​




02 /17 /2017

02 /11 /2017

02 /10 /2017

12 /08 /2016
11 /01 /2016
08 /25 /2016

07 /20 /2016

06 /20 /2016

05 /25 /2016

04 /14 /2016

Input sought from Oregon employers statewide to help design landmark retirement savings plan, which launches in 2017

03 /15 /2016
More than 1 million Oregonians lack access to savings option, illustrating importance of Retirement Savings Plan

01 /06 /2016
Retirement Savings Board seeks market research and financial analysis to design landmark plan, which will allow more Oregonians to save

12 /15 /2015
Oregon Retirement Savings Plan Board discusses potential elements of landmark plan that will help workers, employers

11 /17 /2015
Treasurer Wheeler applauds proposed new federal guidelines that could facilitate more retirement savings

09 /28 /2015
Treasurer Wheeler Introduces Executive Director of Oregon Retirement Savings Plan

06 /16 /2015
Treasurer Wheeler Applauds Final Passage of Retirement Security Bill

03 /09 /2015
Treasurer Wheeler Applauds Legislative Effort on Retirement Security

09 /15 /2014
Ted Wheeler Presents Retirement Security Task Force Recommendations

03 /18 /2014
Retirement Savings Task Force convenes, will seek public input on strategies to improve preparedness

03 /14 /2014
New fact-finding panel will explore ways to help Oregonians increase retirement savings

03 /12 /2014
Treasurer Wheeler testifies to Congress to highlight need for additional retirement savings options


Letter to U.S. Treasury from Treasurer Wheeler, chair of the Oregon Retirement Savings Board, about conservative savings options

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U.S. Department of Labor - Release "State retirement initiatives get guidance from US Labor Department" - 
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