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Oregon Transparency

Welcome to the Oregon Transparency website. This website provides resources that will help you learn more about state government, how it works, what your taxes buy, how purchasing decisions are made, and more! 

As you journey into transparency and open data, there is much to explore. Begin by browsing through the categories displayed on the left, or choose from the topics below. Begin exploring today! 

The Transparency Oregon Advisory Commission was launched in 2009, through the approval of House Bill 2500

Initially, the commission advised the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) on the creation, content, and operation of the Oregon Transparency website. In 2015, House Bill 3099 transferred the Oregon Transparency Program and website responsibilities from DAS to the State Chief Information Officer.

Today, Oregon Revised Statutes (2017) ORS 276A.250–276A.262 address both the Transparency Commission, and the Oregon Transparency Program and website.

To learn more visit the Transparency Commission.  

​The Oregon Transparency Program includes but is not limited to, the management of:  
  • the Oregon Transparency website and perpetual redesign;​
  • the Transparency website: vision, goals, plans, and projects; ​
  • legislative presentations to the Transparency Oregon Advisory Commission (TOAC);
  • presentations to other House, Senate, and legislative bodies;
  • collaborative relationships with commission members, senior management, and agency/entity content contributors; 
  • the drafting of bills and legislation associated with transparency website, and open data;  
  • outreach to agencies, entities, cities, counties, and other branches of state government such as judicial and legislative;
  • all transparency datasets on web portal;
  • all data, content, design updates of Transparency website;
  • technical design of datasets, views, and creation of forms;
  • technical layout of data for creation of charts and graphs;
  • website analytics, statistical usage, and tracking of trends;
  • current and historical website data and content;
  • the Oregon Public Meeting Manager App, user access, and resources; 
  • presentations and outreach nationally and internationally on transparency, open data, and open government;  
  • creation of monthly Tranpsarency Updates newletter;
  • correspondence on general transparency topics, informational and public records requests; 
  • proactive transparency and open data project requests.
​​​​For more information about the Oregon Transparency Program and this website, contact Paula Newsome, Oregon Transparency Program Manager, and Website Administrator.

​Learn about how the Oregon Transparency Program and website began in 2009, and how it has changed over time​. 

To learn more visit Laws & Legislation.​

​To review Transparency Commission meeting agendas, vision statements, goals, transparency program and website reports, and the commission's biennial reports, visit Reports & Resources​. ​

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