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 Agency Expenditures

​This multi-year report provides information on expenditures (i.e., cash transactions/payments) for the agencies that utilize the Statewide Financial Management Application (SFMA) issued for fiscal years 2022 - 2019. 

Aviation and ODOT expenditure files are each generated by other systems maintained by those agencies, respectively - (i.e. SFMA is not used to generate the information) though these agencies have been included in this dataset and report. 

Generally, the information contained in this multi-year report was generated as follows:

​* All payments for fiscal years 2022 - 2019, applied to an expense account within SFMA for the agency.

* Payments to individuals identified in the system (i.e., benefit, foster care, crime victim payments, etc.), not including expenditures to employees, were removed to protect against the inadvertent disclosure of records that may be protected under federal or state law or contractual requirements. 

* Payments to employees whose records are specifically protected from disclosure based on a protective court order were removed. Payments to all other employeesare included.
* Any payment that did not include a vendor name within SFMA was removed. Many agencies use subsystems to generate checks and only provide SFMA with summary information.
* System entries related to vendors with negative amounts (i.e., credit amounts) were removed.
This multi-year expenditure report does not include credit entries if the vendor line item was negative in total, nor does it include reimbursements by third parties for travel (e.g State of Oregon employee travel paid for, partially or in full, by the US Government, by conference organizers, etc.). This may cause expenditures listed in the report to be overstated, as the credit portion of these types of transactions may be excluded.
This report does not include information on expenditures for the Oregon Lottery, Oregon Universites, or semi-independent agencies, boards, or commissions.
​Two (2) new fields were added to the expenditure dataset in fiscal year 2019. These fields include the budget classification number and budget classification name, and provide a broader interactive view of the expenditure data.

​This resource link provides access to the Secretary of State's (SoS) expendi​ture reports.​​


 Reports: State Agency Expenditures

Download Agency Expenditures – Multi-Year Report from 


 Oregon Lottery

This report includes Oregon Lottery expenditure data and information. The Oregon Lottery uses Microsoft Dynamics 2009, as their stand alone ERP (enterprise resource planning) system for financial transactions. 


 Reports: Oregon Lottery Expenditures


Download Oregon-Lottery-Expenditures-Report from