Public Records Request

During the 2015 Legislative Session SB 515 was passed, and the following

information was requested as an addition to the Oregon Transparency Website.

“Information describing the process for requesting copies of public records from

a public body, including a link to the public records section of the Department of 

Justice webpage,” shall be posted to the Oregon Transparency website. 

Per this request, the following informational links are provided. 

Department of Justice

Request for Public Records Form (pdf)

Citizens Guide to Public Records and Meetings

General Public Records and Meetings Law

Governor’s Office

Public Records Request Policy

Make a Public Records Request (online form) 

Public Records Log

Other Agency Links

Business Oregon General Public Records Information

Bureau of Labor and Industries How to Request Public Records from BOLI

Oregon Department of Administrative Services How to Request Public Records from DAS

Public Records Request Policy

Public Records Requests – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Public Records Request

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services Public Records Request       

Oregon Department of Corrections  Department of Corrections Public Records Information

Oregon Department of Education How do I​ request access to public records?

Oregon Department of Energy  Public Records Request

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality  How to request DEQ public records

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Public Records Requests

Oregon Department of Human Services Public Records Requests

Oregon Department of Revenue What is a Public Record?

Oregon Department of Transportation    

Public Records Request Form Instructions (pdf)

Public Records Request Form (pdf)        

                    DMV Records                                               

Oregon Employment Department Request a Public Record

Oregon Health Authority Public Records Request​

Oregon Housing and Community Services How to Submit a Public Records Request (pdf)

Oregon Judicial Department  Public ​Records Requests

Oregon Lottery  Public Records Request 

Oregon Secretary of State Disclosure of Public Records

Oregon State Legislature  Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request Policy

Oregon State Marine Board  Public Records Requests​ 

Oregon State Treasury    Public Records Request – Contact Info

Public Records Request Form

Oregon Youth Authority   Public and Offender Records Requests

Other Resource Links 

Trimet  Request for Inspection of Public Records

Contact Information

 If you have questions or need more information, e-mail or use our online form.