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State Expenditures

State Expenditures (Checkbook)


State agency, Oregon Lottery, Secretary of State, Educational School District (ESD), Governor's Budget and Legislative Fiscal Office expenditure reporting and resources.

On June 26, 2021, the Oregon Legislature finalized a 2021-23 budget comprised of planned expenditures of $25.447 billion General Fund, $1.363 billion Lottery Funds, $48.568 billion Other Funds, and $37.411 billion Federal Funds.
The multi-year reports below provide information on expenditures (i.e., cash transactions/payments) for the agencies that utilize the Statewide Financial Management Application (SFMA) issued for fiscal years 2022 - 2019. Aviation and ODOT expenditure files are each generated by other systems maintained by those agencies.

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Agency Expenditures – Multi-Year Report 

This list of state agencies expenditure data covers multiple fiscal years,  not including expenditures for the Oregon Lottery, Oregon Universities, or semi-independent agencies, boards, or commissions.

Agency Expenditures Report
Oregon Lottery
Oregon Lottery Expenditures - Multi-Year Report 
This report includes Oregon Lottery expenditure data and information.  The Oregon Lottery uses Microsoft Dynamics a stand alone ERP (enterprise resource planning) system for financial transactions. 

Oregon Lottery Expenditures Report
Oregon Secretary of State
Secretary of State (SOS) Expenditure Reports

This report includes official payroll and non-payroll financial accounting expenditures.

SOS Expenditure Reports
Oregon education school window
Educational School District (ESD) Expenditures 

The data and information contained in these reports include All payments for the fiscal year that were applied to an expense account, contract data and more.

ESD Expenditures Report


Oregon Governor Budget 
Governor's Budget
This report provides both budget priorities and funds expenditures by category and program area. 
Governor's Budget

Legislative Fiscal Office Budget Report - Oregon Legislative Assembly

Did you know...

What can you find in the Agency Expenditures report?
  • All payments for fiscal years 2019 - 2022, applied to an expense account within SFMA for the agency.
  • Payments to individuals identified in the system 
What data is not provided in this report?
  • Payments to employees whose records are specifically protected from disclosure based on a protective court order were removed. 
  • Any payment that did not include a vendor name within SFMA was removed. 
  • System entries related to vendors with negative amounts (i.e., credit amounts) were removed.

Agency Expenditures – Multi-Year Report