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Oregon public meetings calendars, definition, guidelines, meeting access and related resources.

A public meeting involves any government entity where attendees have the authority to make decisions or recommendations to a public body and quorum is required to meet in order to make that decision. A public meeting in Oregon falls under the requirements of HB Bill 2788 (2011). For additional information refer to ORS 192.610 to 192.690. House Bill 2788 (2011), requires State Agencies, Boards, Commissions, and Education Service Districts (ESDs) to " on the Oregon Transparency website notices of public meetings required to be provided by the state agency under ORS 192.640." 

2024 Public Meeting Calendar

Hover over or click on published meetings to view details and contact information. 
Access to chart and summary views is available on the legend tools found on the bottom left of the calendar. logo with large text
2023 Public Meetings Calendar - Open Data

View, filter, group, aggregate, download, data shape and explore the 2023 Public Meeting Calendar on the Oregon Open Data Portal.

2023 Public Meetings Calendar Details

Oregon public meeting calendar 2024
2024 Public Meetings Calendar - Open Data

View, filter, group, aggregate, download, data shape and explore the 2024 Public Meeting Calendar on the Oregon Open Data Portal.

2024 Public Meetings Calendar Details

Oregon public meeting manager account
Create Public Meetings Manager Account
To request access to create, manage post public meetings with Oregon Public Meeting Manager, send an request email to the E-Government Helpdesk. 

Note: Only employees who are officially approved to post public meetings will be set-up with access to post public meetings.

Other Public Meetings
Oregon Bulletin
This monthly publication contains Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) amended text; proposed rulemaking; and hearing notices. Certain non-OAR items are also included: Executive Orders of the Governor, Opinions of the Attorney General, and Department of Environmental Quality cleanup notices.
Oregon BulletinOregon Bulletin Archive

Oregon Legislature Mall
Legislative Committees
Oregon’s legislative process is dependent on legislative committees. Committees are where the majority of the work to shape legislation and public policy is done. These agendas provide a quick way to find information as it travels through the legislative committee process. 

Did you know...

Who can post and manage public meetings?
Only officially approved state employees are approved to post public meetings on behalf of a state agency, board, commission, or ESD (Education Service District).

Each person who has been approved to add meetings to the Oregon Public Meetings calendar for a state agency, board, commission, or ESD (Education Service District), etc., should follow the steps below to begin the set-up process. 
How to request access to post public meetings with Public Meeting Manager.
  1. Review the Oregon Public Meetings information provided on this website to verify public meeting requirements.
  2. Send an email to the e-Government Helpdesk requesting access to use the Oregon Public Meeting Manager.

Request Access to Public Meeting Manager

Public Meetings Manager User Guide

If you have questions about this process, or need additional information, email the Oregon Transparency Program.

Contact Oregon Transparency