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State Revenue


Budgeted revenue reporting, public finance, fund sources and forecasts.

Revenue is money coming in, and the operations of state government are funded by a variety of revenue sources. In the following sections, revenues projected to be available to agencies during the biennium are listed by agency name, number, and fund type.

This report shows the total General Fund, Other Funds, Lottery Funds, and Federal Fund revenues, projected to be available to agencies during the biennium.  It also provides revenue information for Oregon state agencies, organized by agency number (#) and by fund type (e.g. General Fund, Lottery Funds, Other Funds, Federal Funds). 

oregon general funds

General Funds

General Funds come almost entirely from income taxes paid by individual Oregonians and Oregon businesses. The General Fund is also the most discretionary source of funds that the Governor and Legislature may spend.

2021-23 Adopted Budget-Funds
oregon parks

Other Funds

Other Funds category is the largest single category of revenues the state receives for the state budget, including highway use, employment, forests, licensing fees, bonds and more.

Other Funds Revenue Report
oregon federal funds

Federal Funds

Federal Funds are revenues that the federal government has legally dedicated to specific programs and services. Most Federal Funds are matching money for state expenditures.

Government Finance Funds
oregon lottery

Lottery Funds

Lottery Funds are another significant source of money the state can use for specific purposes. Lottery Funds go to dedicated purposes such as higher education sports programs, county economic development, Parks and Natural Resources Fund and more.

Lottery Fund Information

economic forecast oregon 
Economic & Revenue Forecasts
These reports provide information to planners, policy, and decision makers in state agencies and private organizations, and are the basis for much of the budgeting in state government.
Quarterly Economic and Revenue ForecastsOregon Office of Economic Analysis

Oregon Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)

Did you know...

Public Finance
The Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) publishes research reports annually that provide historical comparative analysis of the Oregon revenue system. For more information contact the Legislative Revenue Office (LRO).