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State Salaries

State Salaries


State Agencies and Lottery Employees salary reporting dashboards, reporting, information and related resources.

Transparency Newsletter Feature: State Salaries

Salaries of State Agencies - Multi-Year Report

State Agency Employee Open Data Salary Report

What's included in State Agency Employee salary report.
Each annual salary is 12 times that of a particular employee's monthly adjusted salary rate as of June 30th based on fiscal year. "Annual Salary" includes most differential payments (such as work-out-of-classification and bilingual differential), but excludes payments for overtime, shift differential, benefits, and vacation payout. 

This report does not include annual salaries for employees of semi-independent agencies, seasonal employees, temporary employees, Board and Commission members, Oregon State Treasury or records protected by court order.  Salary data fields that are blank are due to the pay type/frequency being on as “as needed” basis and not predictable or typical. Examples would include but are not limited to: judges that are given a daily rate when called for service. 

Salaries of Lottery Employees - Multi-Year Report

Lottery Employee Open Data Salary Report

What's included in the Lottery Employee Salaries Report salary report.
These reports reflect the annual salary rate based on assigned primary duties and work effort at the time. They do not include payments for overtime, shift differential, benefits, vacation payout, etc. Salary data may not reconcile to a full-time annualized salary rate or actual wages paid. Reasons include fluctuations in work effort, and terms\conditions of employment that change over time.

How are employee positions created, budgeted & used?
The link below introduces budget related issues for state employee positions and was prepared in 2016 by the Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO).

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What is the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer's (CHRO)?

The Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer's (CHRO) purpose is to provide direction and services to promote a stable and qualified workforce in Oregon state government, while reflecting the state's values of accountability, equity, excellence and integrity.

The Lottery separated from the State’s payroll system on June 1, 2013.
This was done to improve productivity and efficiency of the Lottery’s payroll process, by partnering with Ceridian, a payroll service provider who provides an automated time and attendance system, and a Human Resource/Payroll system.  
Did you know you can download and view the State agencies and Lottery salaries reports on the Open Data Portal?

Open Data State Agency Employee Salary Report Open Data Lottery Employee Salary Report