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The State Treasurer, appointed citizens and State Treasury officials help set the direction for Oregon bonding, banking and public investments by sharing their expertise on a variety of boards and commissions.

Interested in Serving on a Board? 
The Treasury nominates public members to serve on state boards, and those names are forwarded to the governor, who makes the formal appointments, subject to legislative ratification.  Check the most recent list of 
board and commission vacancies and expirations.


The State Treasurer or a designee serves on the following Boards or Commissions:

State Land Board

This board manages state-owned lands for the benefit of the Common School Fund. Its three members are the Governor, the Secretary of State, and the State Treasurer.

Oregon Investment Council
This council directs the investment of State of Oregon funds, including the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund and the State Accident Insurance Fund. The six-member panel includes the State Treasurer, the director of PERS and four public members.

Oregon 529 College Savings Board
This five-member panel sets policy for the Oregon 529 College Savings Network and includes the State Treasurer or a designee.

Oregon Facilities Authority
This authority assists with the acquisition of tax-exempt financing for property and facilities for health, housing, educational and cultural uses.

Oregon Growth Board​
The Oregon Growth Board was created in an effort to spur more economic growth in Oregon. The board is tasked with submitting a report to the Legislature with a series of recommendations for the investment and management of moneys in the Oregon Growth Fund and Oregon Growth Account, as well as attracting additional capital in Oregon to support business development.

Oregon Retire​ment Savings Plan and Board​​ 
The Oregon Retirement Savings Plan, targeted for launch in July 2017, is a state-sponsored defined contribution plan for private employees in Oregon who do not have a retirement plan at work. 

Municipal Debt Advisory Commission
This commission provides technical assistance to local governments and state agencies to improve the market for bond issues in Oregon. It produces the Oregon Bond Calendar, the Oregon Bond Index, and the Oregon Bond Manual.

Short Term Fund Board
This board advises the Oregon Investment Council and the Oregon State Treasury in the management and investment of the Local Government Investment Pool.

State Bond Committee
This committee reviews state bond policies and improves interagency planning regarding the coordination and management of the issuance of state bonds and other state financial obligations. (Meets at the call of the Governor)

Private Activity Bond Committee
This committee allocates the limited federal authority granted to issue tax-exempt bonds for nongovernment purposes.

State Debt Policy Advisory Commission
This commission advises the governor and the legislature on policies and actions that enhance and preserve the State's credit rating and maintain the future availability of low-cost capital financing.

Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC)​​
The council seeks to identify Oregon’s top innovation-driven growth opportunities, maximize the state's competitive advantages and establish Oregon’s niche in the global economy.

State Board of Education
The Treasurer or a designee sits on the state committee that oversees curriculum for Oregon’s public schools and community colleges, and advocates for comprehensive financial education.

Infrastructure Finance Authority
The Treasurer or a designee sits on the state panel that develops goals and policies to help solve Oregon’s infrastructure needs, and also serves as a clearinghouse to help cities, counties and other public entities to finance important public works projects.