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Cash Management Manual, Cash Management Policies and Cash Management Forms
The Cash Management Manual and Cash Management Policies provided here should be used as tools by state agencies to help manage their daily banking and cash management activities. 

Cash Management Newsletter and Treasury News List
The newsletter provides information on a variety of cash management topics important to agencies. At least one person from each agency or program should be subscribed to the Treasury News list in order to receive updated information on topics of critical importance to agency’s cash management functions. 

Investment Accounting
Investment Accounting facilitates  the flow of cash between the custodial bank, outside investment managers, General Partners, and the Treasury-managed Oregon Short Term Fund, which includes the Local Government Investment Pool.

The Private Activity Bond Committee
The Private Activity Bond Committee helps facilitate the construction of critical facilities for the public benefit in communities throughout Oregon.

The State Debt Policy Advisory Commission (SDPAC)
The State Debt Policy Advisory Commission tracks Oregon’s financial health and protects Oregon’s credit rating by informing state officials about amount of debt the Oregon can prudently incur.

Customer Solutions 
Customer Solutions advocates for and supports Treasury customers. Customer Solutions meets regularly with agency customers to assess and resolve problems, to gather information regarding business needs to ensure that Treasury is positioned to meet those needs now and in the future.  



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