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MDAC Services

This commission provides technical assistance to local governments and state agencies to improve the market for bond issues in Oregon. It produces the Oregon Bond Calendar, the Oregon Bond Index, and the Oregon Bond Education Center.​ 

Debt Tracking

Per state law (ORS 27​8A.640​), public bodies shall give prior notice of proposed issuance of new bonds to the Oregon Municipal Debt Advisory Commission (MDAC). Completing the MDAC Forms ensures compliance with state law ORS 287A.640.

The MDAC debt database collects data on Oregon local government loans to enhance transparency, generate more accurate overlapping debt reports, and provide investors and citizens with pertinent information. Information may be submitted to our office using the form below.

If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser and are having trouble accessing the MDAC Form - 2L, ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed, right click the link above, Save Link As to your local system, then open the file.

 ​Agreement for Exchange of Interest Rates

  • MDAC OAR 170-060-1010 – Terms, Conditions, and Reporting Requirements for an Agreement for Exchange of Interest Rates
  • Sample Interest Rate SWAP Policies
  • MDAC Form 3​ – Reporting of Agreement for the Exchange of Interest Rates

 Oregon Bond Calendar

The Oregon Bond Calendar is a schedule of all upcoming state and local bond sales. Its purpose is to enable state agencies and local governments to minimize scheduling conflicts that may impact the marketability of their issues. The calendar contains information regarding bond sales, bond indices, bond election information, and selected bond calls and redemptions. 

Oregon Bond Index

The Oregon Bond Index charts Oregon municipal bond interest rates.  

Oregon Bond Elections

The Debt Management Division tracks all recent and upcoming municipal bond elections across the State of Oregon. 

Oregon Bond Education Center

The Oregon Bond Education Center is intended to assist Oregon local governments with the process of issuing and managing debt. It is based on federal law, Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), the Oregon Constitution, MDAC Administrative Rules, and current practices in the State. Information has been generalized for any issuing district with the term “municipality” to include any local government unit. 

Overlapping Debt Reports

The Overlapping Debt Report Request Form is a tool used in determining a district's overall debt burden. It includes its own debt and the responsible portion of debt of other overlapping governmental units.

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Federal Compliance

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Commission Members 

  • Nancy Brewer, Chair
    League of Oregon Cities
  • Laura Lockwood-McCall
    Treasurer's Designee
  • Nick Hogan
    Oregon School Board Association
  • Paul Matthews
    Special Districts Association
  • Christine Reynolds
    Public Member
  • Bryce Stadick
    Public Member
  • Laurie Steele
    Association of Oregon Counties

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Meeting Dates, Agendas, and Minutes

November 28 Agenda
March 13
Meeting Materials


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May 10   
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March 8


​​Octob​er 6 Minutes​  
​March 10 Minutes


​April 28 Minutes 

March 11


February 7​ Minutes    ​

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Annual Reports 

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