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Saving for Colle​ge?

The Oregon 529 College Savings Network provides state and federal tax advantages for Oregonians interested in saving for future higher education expenses.

Oregon Bonds

Individuals interested in buying Oregon bonds can find relevant information including state financial information, a calendar of Oregon bond sales, and steps for buying Oregon bonds.

Unclaimed Property

Think you might have unclaimed property? The Department of State Lands manages programs relating to unclaimed property, mostly lost financial assets. To determine if the Department is holding funds for you, search for your name here. Until reunited with its owner, unclaimed money is held in trust in the Common School Fund, managed by the State Treasury.  The fund's interest earnings benefit K-12 public schools through biannual distributions to Oregon's 197 school districts.

Oregon PERS

Oregon PERS (Public Employees Retirement System) members, or those interested in PERS information, can access PERS plan information, as well as OPERF portfolio and return information, here.

Guard Your Money

As the state’s financial leader, Treasurer Wheeler is committed to helping protect Oregon families. He wants individuals and families to know how to protect their wallets, their bank accounts and their vital private information. The Guard Your Money​ website was created by the State Treasury as a resource in this important effort.


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