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Services for State Agencies

Oregon law (ORS 293.875​) designates the State Treasurer as the sole banking and cash management officer for the state. Via that designation, Treasury has broad authority to review, establish, and modify policies and procedures for the efficient handling of cash and cash equivalents under the control of all state agencies.  Treasury acts as the bank for all state agencies, contracting with private banks and financial services providers to deliver a variety of cash management services to those agencies including: primary depository services, ACH services, Lockbox services, and more.  This relationship is described as the Banking Services Triangle and is more fully described in the Cash Management Manual.   
Additionally, Treasury negotiates with our partner banks to provide a variety of optional cash management services that agencies, at their own discretion, may choose to utilize. These services include, but are not limited to remote deposit capture and online payment solutions. Via our negotiations with our partners, we work to ensure that all public depository and other regulatory requirements for these services are met. For these optional service types, agencies may still choose to use other vendors as long as their normal contracting process is followed and any Third Party Vendor requirements​ (public funds and regulatory requirements) are met.

Banking Services Fees

The fees listed in the below schedule do not include fees charged directly to agencies by Treasury banking partners for services such as Lockbox, Onsite Electronic Deposit (OED), and Merchant Card acceptance. Fees are subject to change as a result of any changes to Treasury's costs, including as a result of a variety of in-progress cash management projects and vendor transition efforts. Further, changes with any significant impact are not anticipated for the 2017-19 biennium. As project implementations and charge methodology review continues, Treasury will work with DAS, the Legislative Fiscal Office, and stakeholders with regard to any need for ongoing changes including the impact of any such changes to agency budgets.​

2017-19 Banking Services Fee Schedule

2019-21 Banking Services Fee Schedule​