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The Oregon State Treasury has a wide range of financial responsibilities, including managing the investment of state funds, issuing all state bonds, serving as the central bank for state agencies, and administering the Oregon 529 College Savings Network. The Treasury is managed like a business, striving to save taxpayers money and earn the highest possible return on investments.

Debt Management Division

The Debt Management Division provides central coordination for all state-issued debt, including general obligation bonds, revenue bonds and certificates of participation. The division monitors local and national bond markets, as well as financial and economic trends that impact bond issuance structures and interest rates.

Finance Division
The Finance Division provides cash management and investment operational support services to all Oregon state agencies and hundreds of Oregon local government entities, including cities, counties, schools and special districts.  The division also administers public funds collateralization requirements governed by ORS Chapter 295.   The division manages over 18.5 million financial transactions annually - including cash deposits, electronic fund transfers and check issuances - with over $166.5 billion flowing in and out of the division each year. 

Investment Division
The Investment Division manages, on behalf of Oregonians, a portfolio with a market value of over $94 billion. The division manages the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF), the State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF), the Oregon Short Term Fund (OSTF), the Common School Fund, and several state agency fixed income portfolios​. With assets of $71 billion, OPERF was recently ranked the 21st largest pension fund in the U.S. ​​