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Facts and Figures

Treasury Performance and Comparisons

The Oregon State Treasury Fixed Income Program manages a significant amount of assets across a diversified client set.  This report is designed to help illustrate the various fixed income accounts managed by Treasury​.

Stewardship 2017.pdfStewardship 2017.pdf

Treasury's corporate governance program engages with companies as a responsible investor to improve long term and sustainable performance via proxy votes and securities litigation, and presses for stronger regulations to improve market transparency and stability. 

Treasury Key Performance Measures 2016.pdfTreasury Key Performance Measures 2016.pdf

All of functions of the State Treasury are designed to serve clients and the public, and systems are constantly re-evaluated to ensure that services are rendered in an efficient and cost-effective way. The key performance measures in this report offer a snapshot of how well Treasury is achieving an array of business-related benchmarks.

CEM Results​
CEM consultants periodically check the State Treasury's performance against various benchmarks to ensure that the State is getting the best bang for its dollar.

State Treasury Performance and Budget 
Information about the work that the State Treasury performs, comparisons to comparable private sector services, and what costs/savings it generates for taxpayers.



Funds Under Treasury Management 
The State Treasury manages over $89 billion in State dollars. These funds include the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF), the State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF), the Oregon Short Term Fund (OSTF), and numerous smaller funds such as the Common School Fund and the Oregon Growth Account. 

Bonding and Debt Management 
The State Treasury provides central coordination of all State of Oregon issued debt, including over $6 billion in general obligation and revenue bonds and certificates of participation. 


Frequently Requested Documents

State Treasury Annual Report ​​ 
The State Treasury Annual Report is a broad document that outlines the State Treasury's functions, duties, recent performance, and recent actions. 

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Distributed by the Department of Administrative Services, the CAFR is a large and detailed look at the State's finances. 

Debt Policy Advisory Commission Report, Past Reports  
The State Debt Policy Advisory Commission tracks several kinds of State borrowing and recommends prudent debt limits to the Legislature.

Municipal Debt Advisory Commission (MDAC) Report, Past Reports  
The Municipal Debt Advisory Commission issues an annual report on locally-issued debt.


Legislative Information (On the Legislative Website)

Oregon State Budget Information
Off-site information about the Oregon State Budget, where money comes from, what money is spent on, and a listing of all state agencies.