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The Great American ShakeOut is October 15, but Emergency Preparedness Is a Year-Long Event

The Great American ShakeOut is October 15, but Emergency Preparedness Is a Year-Long Event

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October 15, 2020

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October 15 is the Great American ShakeOut – a chance for Oregonians and people around the country to practice earthquake safety and preparedness.

The website has a ton of information for people participating in the event. The site also includes resources and tools to help you start or update your household’s emergency plan. There are even apps and games you can play with your family to make emergency planning fun and more accessible.

Some favorite resources:

Included on the list from the Red Cross is extra cash – definitely a smart item to have on hand. It’s also a reminder that having an emergency fund in general is a good idea. Still, building up an emergency fund isn’t always easy, especially when expenses are tight. An annual study from the Federal Reserve Board estimates that four in 10 Americans would struggle to pay for a $400 emergency expense.

For people starting to build up an emergency fund, or for those who want theirs to grow, there are countless resources online with advice. We like this introduction from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which includes simple steps for saving. One thing to keep in mind: it’s okay to start small – don’t feel like you have to build up your emergency cushion overnight.

We also have some helpful resources on our OregonSaves site. OregonSaves is a retirement savings program from Oregon State Treasury that’s open to every Oregonian. If you’re not saving for retirement through your workplace, we can help.

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