Administrator Statement of Responsibility


The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission approved the following item in June 2019: Statement of Oregon School Administrator Responsibility in Support of New Educators and Developing a Diverse Educator Workforce


Administrator statement of responsibility:

Download a copy of the administrator statement: Statement of Oregon School Administrator Responsibility


Administrator License Redesign   

Purpose of Redesign:

  • All administrators licensed under one system
  • Clearly define differences in licensure for building versus district-wide administrative assignments
  • A complete program of preparation for Principals, allowing for the continual renewal of the Principal License, with no requirement to move to the Professional Administrator License unless the Principal License holder is hired into a district-wide position
  • Alignment with newly revised national and state standards for administrator preparation and responsibilities, supporting instructional excellence for all students
Notes of Redesign:
  • Process began in 2016
  • Practicing administrators, districts, programs and other stakeholders helped design the new system
  • Basic/Standard and Initial/Continuing licensure systems are combined into new Principal/Professional structure 

Scope and Responsibilities of Principal and Professional Administrator Licenses 

Frequently Asked Questions


New Administrator Licenses 

Principal License: 
  • 3-year term of license
  • Building Level Administrators
  • May renew continuously, unless hired into a district-wide administrator position
  • Expands the experience as an educator requirement to 3 years full time or 6 year of .5 to .99 FTE on any license appropriate for the assignment
Professional Administrator License:
  • 5-year term of license
  • Administrators with preparation specific to district-level administration
  • Requires 3 full time or 6 part time (.5 to .99) years of experience as an administrator
  • Requires completion of a Professional Administrator Preparation program
Reciprocal Administrator License:
  • 18-month term of license
  • For Administrators prepared outside of Oregon and holding full licensure in another state or country
  • Must hold an active and valid administrator license from that state or country
  • Out of state preparation and licensure will be evaluated at the time of application for equivalency with Oregon’s Principal or Professional Administrator Licensure.   
The options for a Restricted and Emergency License still exist when a district demonstrates the appropriate need
A License for Conditional Assignment is added for Principals working in district-wide positions requiring the Professional Administrator License
Name of Current Administrator License
Name of New Administrator License
Preliminary (Basic)
Professional (Standard)
Professional Development Units (PDU's): 
  • 75 PDUs if you currently hold a 3-year Initial or Preliminary Administrator License
  • 90 PDUs once you renew to the 3-year Principal License
  • 120 PDUs if you currently hold a 5-year Professional Administrator License

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