Adding Endorsements:


  • Licensed Oregon educators:
    • OAR 584-220-0010 | Endorsement on Teaching Licenses: General Provisions.
    • Visit Chapter 584 and find "Division 220 - ENDORSEMENTS" to locate the individual requirements for each endorsement by name.
    • See the "Adding endorsements" section of the Program Review and Standards Handbook.
    • Submit an application and fee online via the eLicensing portal once you have determined that you meet the individual endorsement requirements for your license type. 
  • Pre-service candidates (candidates who have not completed a teacher preparation program):
    • The rules for adding endorsements to existing licenses do not apply to pre-service candidates, and, therefore, may only be used for licensed Oregon educators (see below).
    • Pre-service teacher candidates must complete a Commission-approved Preliminary Teaching License program in one or more endorsement areas.
    • Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) may only recommend candidates who have successfully completed their Commission-approved programs for added endorsements.
    Tip: An educator candidate is not able to add an endorsement because there is no license to which it can be added. 
The RAC committee will review the current requirements for adding Art, Music and PE endorsements to existing licenses.  At present, TSPC requires completion of a Commission-approved program to add these endorsements.  TSPC is considering allowing the addition of Art, Music and PE endorsements with only passage of the Commission-approved exam for holders of the Professional Teaching License.  Preliminary Teaching License holders would need to pass the exam and complete some pedagogy requirements. The RAC committee will discuss the history of requirements to add these endorsements, the current components of the tests, and other issues affecting this decision point.
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