Adding Endorsements:


  • Licensed Oregon educators:
    • OAR 584-220-0010 | Endorsement on Teaching Licenses: General Provisions.
    • Visit Chapter 584 and find "Division 220 - ENDORSEMENTS" to locate the individual requirements for each endorsement by name.
    • See the "Adding endorsements" section of the Program Review and Standards Handbook.
    • Submit an application and fee online via the eLicensing portal once you have determined that you meet the individual endorsement requirements for your license type. 
  • Pre-service candidates (candidates who have not completed a teacher preparation program):
    • The rules for adding endorsements to existing licenses do not apply to pre-service candidates, and, therefore, may only be used for licensed Oregon educators (see below).
    • Pre-service teacher candidates must complete a Commission-approved Preliminary Teaching License program in one or more endorsement areas.
    • Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) may only recommend candidates who have successfully completed their Commission-approved programs for added endorsements.
    Tip: An educator candidate is not able to add an endorsement because there is no license to which it can be added. 
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