Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Fingerprinting Step-by-Step Instructions:  


 Fingerprinting quick tips!  


In eLicensing, select "Clinical Practices" for the licensing category.
Just remember: A-B-C!

A. Complete the eLicensing application.
See Step 1, below, for important directions.
B. TSPC will send an email with codes and instructions for fingerprinting. 
C. You can then contact the nearest Fieldprint office for an appointment!
Applicant for licensure, registration, or certificate 



Applicant for student teaching or practicum
1a.  Applicant submits an application (which includes a background clearance) and payment through eLicensing.
Cost = $61 (The fee is paid through eLicensing. Checks are not accepted.)
Note: Additional application fees will apply.
ETA = TSPC will email codes and instructions within 5-7 days.
1b.  Applicant submits an application and payment through eLicensing
In eLicensing, the license category to select for fingerprinting is:
"Clinical Practices," NOT "Teacher."
Cost = $61 (The fee is paid through eLicensing. Checks are not accepted.)
ETA = TSPC will email codes and instructions within 5-7 days.
Important notice: The applicant will receive an email from TSPC, which contains codes and instructions the applicant needs to proceed.
TSPC emails instructions to the applicant for accessing FieldPrint.
The email will consist of the following required information:
Billing Code: xxxxxx
ORI: xxxxxxx
OCA: Txxxxxxx (If your TSPC account ID is five digits, add a 0 between the T and the first number.) Ex.: T012345
After TSPC emails the required codes to the applicant:
The applicant schedules a fingerprinting appointment through the Fieldprint website and pays the required fee (currently $12.50). 
Within 24 hours of the fingerprint scan, Fieldprint sends the electronic capture of fingerprints to the Oregon State Police (OSP) for processing through both the OSP and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
OSP forwards the results electronically to TSPC. This process is taking approximately up to four weeks.
TSPC records the results as part of the application process. It is the applicant's responsibility to monitor their email account for notice that the background check is complete.
School district or program designee
Contact the applicant for a copy of their background clearance email.
Applicants must clear the background check before beginning a clinical experience.

Instructions When Fieldprint Is Unavailable


***This section is ONLY to be used when Fieldprint is unavailable.***

The state requires Fieldprint be used by all state agencies. Occasionally, a Fieldprint location is not located within a reasonable distance of the applicant.  When alternate instructions are needed, the following items will be required:

  • Instructions and Handler Card:
    This link includes:
    • Alternate fingerprinting instructions;
    • Disqualifying crimes; and
    • A fingerprint handler sheet.
  • FBI Fingerprint Card:
    • It is recommended this card be printed on cardstock.
    • This card must NOT be folded once it is printed. This can cause the fingerprints to be unreadable.
    • Fingerprint cards cannot be accepted without the handler sheet (page 3 of the "Instructions and Handler Card," above). 

Do use these instructions:
When a Fieldprint location is not available.

 Do Not use these instructions:
When fingerprinting is done through Fieldprint. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  Who must be fingerprinted?
Oregon law requires the following applicants to be fingerprinted:
Student teachers: For first placement in a field experience after admission to an Oregon approved educator-preparation program;
Educators: For first time Oregon licensure or registration;
School nurses: For first time Oregon certification;
Expired license, registration, or certificate holders: For reinstatement of a license, registration, or certificate that has been expired for more than three years prior to the date of application;
Out-of-State student teachers in Oregon schools: For first placement in a field experience in any Oregon public school if completing an educator preparation program by an out-of-state provider.
A.   The background check may include all of the following: Fingerprinting through Oregon State Police (OSP) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI); a Law Enforcement Data Systems (LEDS) check; a check of the NASDTEC clearinghouse for educator discipline (National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification); and, in some circumstances, an Internet search.
A.  Applicants without a valid license: Fingerprints are valid for three years from the fingerprint clearance date.
      Individuals with a valid Oregon license: Fingerprints are valid from the fingerprint clearance date onward as long as a valid license is maintained. If the licensee allows the license to lapse, the fingerprints remain valid for three years from the date the license expired. 
Q.  I had a background check conducted elsewhere. Can TSPC transfer and use those results?
A.  A criminal background check conducted by any former employer, licensing board, or by the Oregon Department of Education does not satisfy these requirements. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) rules allow fingerprinting to be done specific to the institute for which they are taken and specifically prohibit sharing of this information between institutions.

Q.  In the past, my college/university has been able to offer this service and now I understand I must find a Fieldprint office, which is less convenient. What are the reasons for this requirement?
A.  Fieldprint is able to
digitally submit images to the Oregon State Police (OSP), which significantly reduces the numbers of prints rejected for poor quality. Other benefits of using Fieldprint are:
         * Errors due to fingerprinting quality are essentially eliminated;
         * Processing time is much quicker (five to seven days versus 10-14 days with the former system); and
         * It is legislatively mandated.
Q.  I work at a college/university and we send large numbers of teacher candidates to Fieldprint. Can we have seminars just for our candidates?
For Oregon programs with a large number of candidates who need to attend a seminar on a particular day or days, Fieldprint can provide onsite services. There is a fee for this service, to be determined by FieldPrint.

Q.  What is the difference between Fieldprint and Livescan?
A.  Livescan is the process by which fingerprints are captured.
Fieldprint is the company that the State of Oregon contracts with to provide the Livescan service.

Q.  What crimes can lead to revocation or denial of an Oregon license, charter school registration, or permission to student teach?
A.  See the attached list of crimes.

Q.  I was told to use Fieldprint to obtain my fingerprints; however, the nearest Fieldprint office is inconvenient to where I live. What are my options?
A.  If a Fieldprint location is within a reasonable distance of the applicant, you are required to use them for this service. The state mandates this process for all agencies that use fingerprint based criminal history verifications. If there is no Fieldprint location within a reasonable distance, please view the linked PDF for instructions on how to submit a fingerprint card. Note: If you already submitted your fingerprint processing payment online, no additional fee is required to submit the card.

Q.  Our campus public safety office is able to do live scan fingerprints. Would TSPC allow teacher candidates to use their office rather than Fieldprint?
A.  If the campus office is willing to provide the service to any public member who needs fingerprinting, TSPC will put college staff in contact with Fieldprint staff to discuss the possibility of setting the college up as a fingerprinting provider.

Q.  Where are Fieldprint offices located?
A.   A list of Fieldprint locations can be found here:
Fieldprint locations. Fieldprint locations are nationwide. When your appointment is scheduled, you will be sent a list of locations nearest your zip code.

Q.  How can I tell my background check is complete?
A.   You will receive an email from eLicensing to notify you that your background clearance is complete. This information is not available to the public or your educator preparation program through any web search feature. 
  • Out-of-state applicants or previously licensed Oregon educators returning from living outside of the state may be subject to internet searches or to previous employment checks.
  • Reporting: TSPC will have access to reports from Fieldprint, including lists of candidates who have scheduled an appointment, the date and time of the upcoming appointment, and confirmation once the appointment has been completed.
Page last updated: May 28, 2019 (CR)

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