National Board Reimbursement

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) has established high and rigorous standards for accomplished
teaching and was created to improve the quality of teaching. 20 years of research has shown that students taught by teachers
who hold national board certification have improved the learning outcomes of students, especially minority and low-income
students. The National Board Certification Fund 584-200-0110, HB 2763 (2017) and SB 1520 (2018) authorize the Oregon Teacher
Standards and Practices Commission to reimburse teaching professionals for their initial National Board certification, as well as
their maintenance renewal expenses.
Link to the National Board webpage:
To meet the requirements for reimbursement of your National Board certification, you must:
  • ​Have an active and valid non-provisional Oregon teaching license.
  • Receive initial National Board certification or maintenance certification after July 1, 2017.
  • Be employed in an Oregon teaching assignment when the eligible expenses were incurred.
  • Be employed in an Oregon teaching assignment at the time of reimbursement.
Step 1: Review the requirements listed above.
Step 2: Submit the supporting documents listed on the table below.
Step 3: TSPC will evaluate the supporting documentation and send an email notice indicating:
  • Documents that must be submitted to finalize your reimbursement request; or
  • That your reimbursement request has been processed.  
Submission Instructions/Other Info.
National Board Certification
Please include completed form with each reimbursement request
TSPC has been advised by the State of Oregon that the NBCT reimbursement may be taxable.  This is the reason that we require a W9 form before processing your request.

Please include completed form with each reimbursement request

Copy of National Board certificate
Please do not send TSPC the original certificate – copy only
National Board Financial Statements
For initial certification please include the Financial Statements for Components 1, 2, 3, and 4 – total $1,900
For maintenance certification please include the Financial Statement for the renewal fee – total $1,250
Optional: Copies of payment receipts for eligible orientation program and/or cohort expenses
For additional information on eligible/ineligible expenses please see: Disbursements of the National Board Certification Fund: 584-200-0110