New Endorsements/Specializations   
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Old Endorsements/Specializations
Endorsements​ ​
Advanced Mathematics
Advanced Mathematics| Basic Advanced Mathematics| Standard Advanced Mathematics

Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science| Agriculture Science and Technology| Basic Agricultural Science and Technology| Standard Agricultural Science and Technology

Agricultural Science and Technology (CTE)

Agricultural, Food and Natural Resource Systems| Agricultural, Food and Natural Resource Systems: Agriculture Science and Technology|
Basic Biology| Standard Biology
Biotechnology and Research (CTE) New CTE endorsement - no equivalent in former CTE endorsements.
Business: Generalist Basic General Business Education| General Business| Standard General Business Education|
Business, Management and Administration (CTE)
Administrative Services| Business and Management: Business, Management and Administration
Business: Marketing Basic Marketing| Standard Marketing | Marketing
Career Trades: Generalist
Basic Technology| Education| Basic Trade and Industrial Education|| Standard Technology Education| Standard Trade and Industrial Education| Technology Education
Basic Chemistry| Standard Chemistry
Construction Technology (CTE) Construction| Industrial and Engineering Systems: Construction Technology 
Culinary (CTE)
New CTE endorsement - no equivalent in former CTE endorsements.
Diagnostic Services (CTE) New CTE endorsement - no equivalent in former CTE endorsements.
Basic Drama| Standard Drama
Education and Related Fields (CTE) Education| Human Resources: Education and Related Fields
Elementary - Multiple Subjects
Elementary| Basic Elementary| Standard Elementary| Multiple Subjects| Multiple Subjects Self-Contained
Engineering Technology (CTE) Industrial and Engineering Systems: Engineering Technology|
English Language Arts
Basic Language Arts| Standard Language Arts| Language Arts
English Language Arts and Social Studies
(Two endorsements)
Basic Language Arts and Social Studies| Standard Language Arts and Social Studies
English to Speakers of Other Languages
English for Speakers of Other Languages| Basic ESOL| ESOL Services
English to Speakers of Other Languages and Bilingual Specialization: Name of Language
Basic ESOL/Bilingual| English for Speakers of Other Languages/Bilingual
Environmental Services (CTE)
Agricultural, Food and Natural Resource Systems: Environmental Sciences| |Integrated Environmental Technology 
Family and Consumer Science
Family and Consumer Studies| Basic Family and Consumer Studies| Standard Family and Consumer Studies
Finance (CTE) Business and Management: Finance | Financial Services
Foundational English Language Arts
Middle School Language Arts
Foundational Mathematics
Basic Basic Mathematics| Basic Mathematics
Foundational Science
Middle School Science
Foundational Social Studies
Middle School Social Studies
Government and Public Administration (CTE)
New CTE endorsement - no equivalent in former CTE endorsements.
Basic Health Education| Standard Health| Health Education
Health Sciences (CTE)
Health Sciences: Health Sciences| Health Services
Hospitality and Tourism (CTE)
Business and Management: Hospitality and Tourism (Culinary) | Business and Management: Hospitality and Tourism| Hospitality and Tourism| Hospitality & Tourism
Human Services (CTE)
Human Resources: Human Services| Personal Services| Social Services
Information and Communications Technology (CTE) Arts, Information and Communications: Information and Communications Technology| Business and Management: Information and Communications Technology| Computer Technology| Computer Education| Communications Technologies| Industrial and Engineering Systems: Information and Communications Technology
Integrated Science
Basic Integrated Science| Standard Integrated Science
Legacy Middle Level Multiple Subjects authorized at the Middle Level
Library Media
Basic Educational Media| Standard Library Media| Educational Media| Standard Educational Media
Manufacturing Technology (CTE) Industrial and Engineering Systems: Manufacturing Technology
Marketing (CTE) Business and Management: Marketing| Marketing/Management  
Basic Music| Standard Music
Natural Resources Management (CTE) Agricultural, Food and Natural Resource Systems: Natural Resources Management| Forestry/Natural Resources 
Physical Education
Basic Physical Education| Standard Physical Education
Basic Physics| Standard Physics
Public Services (CTE) Human Resources: Public Services| ​Legal & Protective Services|
Publishing and Broadcasting (CTE) Arts, Information and Communications: Publishing and Broadcasting| Basic Journalism| Communication Journalism| Standard Journalism
Reading Intervention
Reading Intervention| Reading| Basic Reading| Standard Reading
Social Studies
Social Studies| Basic Social Studies| Standard Social Studies
Special Education: Communication Disorders
Communication Disorders| Basic Communications Disorders| Standard Communications Disorders| Basic Speech Impaired| Standard Speech Impaired|
Special Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Special Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing| Hearing Impaired| Basic Hearing Impaired| Standard Hearing Impaired
Special Education: Early Intervention
Special Education:  Early Intervention| Early Intervention/Special Education|  | Early Intervention and Special Education I and II | Basic Early Intervention Special Education I and II| Standard Early Intervention Special Education I and II|
Special Education: Generalist
Special Education| Special Education: Generalist| Special Education| Basic Exceptional Learner I, II| Standard Exceptional Learner I, II| Basic Extreme Learning Problems| Standard Extreme Learning Problems| Basic Handicapped Learner I, II| Standard Handicapped Learner I| Standard Handicapped Learner II| Mentally Retarded| Basic Mentally Retarded| Standard Mentally Retarded| Basic Severe Exceptional Needs| Standard Severe Exceptional Needs| Basic Severely Handicapped Learner| Standard Severely Handicapped Learner| Standard Exceptional Needs Learner| Basic Physically Handicapped| Standard Physically Handicapped| Handicapped Learner I, II| Physically Handicapped|
Special Education: Visually Impaired
Special Education: Visually Impaired| Visually Impaired| Basic Visually Impaired| Standard Visually Impaired
Speech (Forensics)
Speech| Standard Speech
Substitute Any Specialty
Therapeutic Services (CTE)
New CTE endorsement - no equivalent in former CTE endorsements.
Transportation Technology (CTE) Industrial and Engineering Systems: Transportation Technology| Mechanical Systems
Visual, Performing and Media Arts (CTE) Arts, Information and Communications: Visual, Performing and Media Arts| Design & Applied Arts
World Language: Chinese
World Language: French
World Language: French| World Language: Basic French| World Language: Standard French| Basic French |Standard French
World Language: German
World Language: Basic German| World Language: Standard German| Basic German| Standard German
World Language: Japanese
World Language: Basic Japanese| World Language: Standard Japanese| Basic Japanese| Standard Japanese
World Language: Latin
World Language: Basic Latin| Basic Latin| Latin
World Language: Russian
Basic Russian| Standard Russian| Russian
World Language: Spanish World Language: Basic Spanish| World Language: Standard Spanish| Basic Spanish| Standard Spanish| Spanish
Specializations​ ​
Specialization: Adaptive Physical Education Adaptive Physical Education| Basic Adapted Physical Education
Specialization: American Sign Language World Language Specialization: American Sign Language| American Sign Language
Specialization: Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist
Specialization: Bilingual (Name of Language) ESOL/Bilingual
Specialization: Dual Language Dual Language Specialization
Specialization: Early Adolescence Middle Level Emphasis| Middle Level Specialization
Specialization: Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education Specialization| Basic Early Childhood Education
​Specialization: Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader Specialization
Specialization: Talented and Gifted TAG Specialization