Teaching License Redesign

This webpage is for overview purposes only. 
for specific rules and regulations on teaching licensure.
Overview of Redesign of Teaching License
Purpose of redesign
    • All teachers licensed under one system
    • More advancement options for teachers
    • More flexibility for districts
    • Streamlining endorsements
    • Supporting instructional excellence for all students

Notes on redesign of teaching licenses

    • Process began in October 2012.
    • Teachers, districts, programs and other stakeholders helped design new system.
    • Basic/Standard and Initial/Continuing licensure systems are combined into new Preliminary/Professional structure. 
    • All licenses have a preK-12 authorization.
New Teaching Licenses

Preliminary Teaching license

    • New and novice teachers
    • May renew until qualfies for Professional Teaching License
    • 3 year license

Professional Teaching license 

    • Teachers with advanced competencies and experience
    • Requires 4 years full time experience
    • Requires completion of advanced professional development or educational program
    • 5 year license 

Teacher Leader license 

    • Optional license
    • Teachers with professional leadership activities
    • Must first qualify for professional or equivalent license
    • Requires at least 5 years recent teaching experience
    • 5 year license

Legacy Teaching license

    • Veteran teachers
    • Held Oregon Basic teaching license prior to 1999 
    • Not eligible for Professional Teaching License
    • 3 year license

Reciprocal Teaching license

    • Out-of-state teachers moving to Oregon
    • Must have completed teacher prep program outside of Oregon
    • Must have an active and valid out-of-state teaching license
    • Transitional license while working on Oregon requirements
    • One year license

Conversion Table: Teaching Licenses (All old licenses are converting to new licenses)

Authorization Levels  
  • PreK - 12 authorization - all teaching licenses 
  • Grade-specific levels (ECE/ELE/ML/HS) are abolished.
  • Educators may teach their endorsed subjects in all school levels as indicated in the TSPC Course to Endorsement Catalogue.

Endorsements and Specializations

  • One set of endorsements and specializations - all teaching licenses
  • Old endorsement types converting to new ones
  • Middle level/multiple subjects endorsement was eliminated on 7/1/2015 and replaced by three transition options. As teachers holding this endorsement renew, TSPC staff will evaluate the applicant and grant endorsements based on the transition rule approved by the Commission. Until renewal, these teachers may continue in their current assignment.
  • Please use the current TSPC Course to Endorsement Catalogue​ for assignments for the 2017-18 school year.

Conversion Table: Old to New Endorsements

Conversion Table: New to Old Endorsements

Professional Development Requirements
  • 75 continuing PDUs if currently hold 3 year license (Preliminary and Legacy)
  • 125 continuing PDUs if currently hold 5 year license (Professional and Teacher Leader)
  • PDU: Continuing and Advanced for more information

Administrator License Redesign


Administrator licenses 

  • Undergoing redesign right now - finishes in Spring 2018

  • Only titles of licenses have changed

Conversion Table: Titles of Administrator Licenses

Personnel Service License Redesign 

Personnel Service licenses
  • School social worker, school counseling, school psychologist licenses 
  • Redesign starts in 2018
  • Only titles of licenses have changed.
  • Due to statutory title changes, the Initial II school counselor license has been eliminated. Initial II licenses are being renewed as preliminary school counselors as a placeholder until redesign is finished.
  • Preliminary school counselor license (old initial) is now continuously renewable - until redesign is completed