edTPA Oregon
Bridging the Gap Between Expectations and Abilities of a First-Year Teacher
All of Oregon's institutions of higher education are now required to use edTPA as part of the state’s pathways to teacher licensure. edTPA is a performance-based assessment that requires teacher candidates to demonstrate skills needed to enter the classroom ready to teach and help all students learn.

Since 2000, Oregon teacher candidates have been required to pass subject-matter tests of knowledge and other tests to become licensed, but these tests have not captured whether candidates can demonstrate that they know how to teach. In 2013, the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission formally adopted edTPA as the statewide performance assessment tool that would to be used to meet the state requirement.

This is not just another hoop for students to become licensed. edTPA was developed by Stanford University in partnership with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. More than 700 educators from 24 states and the District of Columbia and more than 160 institutions of higher education collaborated in the development of edTPA to meet the need for a nationally available research- and standards-based assessment of candidate performance.