eLicensing link and step-by-step tutorial:

eLicensing gives applicants and licensees the ability to submit an electronic application, update personal information on an as-needed basis, and pay for transactions using a credit card. Applications from eLicensing and issuing of licenses are handled through our legacy database. Once your license is issued, use Educator Look Up to view your license record. We very much appreciate your patience as we continue to develop this system.

  1. Research the website for information you need on License RequirementsRenewal RequirementsFingerprintingTesting, Fees, PDUs, etc., and complete the required steps.
  2. Review the step-by-step eLicensing tutorial, listed below.
  3. Click on the [eLicensing] button, below, or on the left-hand panel to go to eLicensing.

Creating an account allows you to submit applications for licensure, renew your license, and manage your teaching license information online. 

                eLicensing portal 

eLicensing Step-by-Step Tutorial

The information provided here is a tutorial designed to walk you through the steps to: 
  • Create a Sign In;
  • Connect to your license history if you were licensed by TSPC prior to January 19, 2016;
  • Update your profile;
  • Show you the link to view and renew your existing license(s); and
  • Show you the link to apply for a new license.
If you are a first-time user, select [Sign Up]. If you already have an eLicensing account, select [Log In].

Once you select “Sign Up” (NEW user), you’re directed to the Login Information page. 

Click “Verify & Continue”

Then you’ll be successfully registered!
Check your email for the link to login to eLicensing to get started! 


Note: The link provided here will only work one time and is only valid for a few hours. 

Please keep your username and password in a secure location. 

If you lose your login information, a [Forgot password?] link is available in eLicensing.

Now you’re ready to “Log In”! 

This step is for first-time users who may have an existing record in the TSPC Legacy System. 
If the TSPC Legacy System has your current last name, the correct date of birth, and your Social Security Number, you’ll be able to connect to your previous license history and other available data.
Note: At initial implementation, those with expired licenses may not be able to connect to the eLicensing system. That issue is in the queue to be resolved. You can still create your profile and apply as though you were new. This DOES NOT apply to renewals.

Enter the requested information.
You must enter a “/” when entering your Date of Birth and a “-“ with your Social Security Number.

The result when the eLicensing is NOT successful in finding a record of you in our Legacy database.

Now you’re “in”!
This is your TSPC Dashboard. Those who have held TSPC licenses for quite some time should recognize this as the first page of the old “C1” application form. You can keep all of this information up to date simply by logging in. You don’t have to be applying for something or asking a question. 

A sample, completed dashboard:

Once you “save”, you’ll see the green “Your changes have been successfully saved.”
                eLicensing portal