Educator Lookup Help​


The Licensure Inquiry is provided to educators as well as others, to identify educator license and certification information. The following tips may help you access the licensure information.

Name searches are not case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be the same for the search.

Name searches do not use punctuation. You do not have to include periods for initials.
If you are not sure of a name, you can enter only the first few characters followed by the asterisk (*).
If you are not sure of the last name, you can check the Last Name sound alike box, and the search will return last names that are similar to spelling that you specified.
To display the limited access information (referred to as Positive ID), specify the First name, Middle name or initial, Last name, Birth Date and last four digits of the persons Social Security Number. The limited access display will then include items such as correspondence, and fingerprint verification.