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"Attorney Fee" Advisory Committee

Board Meeting: Consideration of "Attorney Fee" Advisory Committee Report - October 29, 2019

The Board has scheduled a public meeting to discuss the report from its “Attorney Fees” Advisory Committee. The meeting has been scheduled for 10 a.m., Tuesday, October 29, 2019, in the Board’s Salem office. Arrangements are also being made at each permanently staffed Board office (Portland, Eugene, and Medford) to allow attendees to view the Board’s Salem meeting and participate remotely.

Copies of the Advisory Committee’s report, as well as statistical data regarding attorney fee awards, have been posted on WCB’s website. (Some of these materials are in addition to other “attorney fee-related” comments/concepts, data, which were considered by the advisory committee during their discussions.)  

The members of the Advisory Committee are:  Theodore Heus, Elaine Schooler, William Replogle, Art Stevens, Jennifer Flood, and ALJ Mark Mills (facilitator). The Board Members extend their grateful appreciation to the committee for participating in this important project.

In advance of their public meeting, the Members invite comments to the Advisory Committee report and these accompanying materials. Any written comments should be directed to Kayleen Atkins, WCB’s Executive Assistant at 2601 25th St. SE, Ste. 150, Salem, OR 97302,, or via fax at (503)373-1684. Any written comments submitted by October 29 will be considered by the Members at their meeting. These written comments will be posted on WCB's website. Public testimony will also be welcomed at the meeting, as the Members proceed with their deliberations.

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