Talent Development

​Future Ready Oregon

Launched by Governor Kate Brown in February 2018, Future Ready Oregon​ helps to close the gap between the skills that Oregon’s workers have and the skills Oregon’s growing businesses need. Closing this gap will be accomplished through a combination of initiatives and programs that provide skill and job training to youth, expand training opportunities and skill advancement for Oregonians already in the workforce, and identify projects designed to increase the housing supply in rural areas.

Leaving your community should not be the only path to a good job and a prosperous future for an individual or family. The programs developed and implemented through Future Ready Oregon will create equitable options for youth and adults that enable them to see and access opportunities that match their interests, are available in their communities and are supported with local education and work-based learning strategies. These programs will ensure that traditionally underserved people and populations are able to move to a place of access and outcomes through supports for individuals, families and communities, in partnership with businesses. 

This work is guided by the following principles: transferable skills, self-sufficiency, connection to employers, career path, and equity. Programs included in Future Ready Oregon will be evaluated though criteria based on these principles to ensure alignment with the vision. 

Governor Brown Releases Future Ready Oregon Policy Agenda​
September 18, 2018