Talent Development

Talent Assessment​

The WTDB’s first-ever Talent Assessment was developed by ECONorthwest, a Portland-based economic consulting firm, working with Program Policy Insight, LLC (PPI). The Assessment significantly engaged business and industry leaders, builds-upon and adds value to the Oregon Talent Council’s Talent Plan and the Oregon Employment Department’s Long-Term Projections, and supports a new adult education and training goal for Oregonians working with the Joint Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and WTDB Work Group.​ It was approved by the WTDB in September 2018.


The talent development work is focused on identifying in-demand occupations and skills, current and future talent needs and gaps, engaging the voice of business and industry, and including public workforce system stakeholders. 


Oregon leaders from business, workforce and talent development, higher education, K-12, and other key stakeholders that included business CEOs, COOs, and HR leadership, state and local workforce and education executive directors and boards, university and community college presidents, and government officials convened on May 11, 2018 for the first ever Talent Summit. Featuring keynote speaker Joseph B. Fuller, Professor of Management Practice and Co-Director of the Managing the Future of Work Project at the Harvard Business School, and guest seaker Jamie Merisotis, President and CEO of the Lumina Foundation, participants discussed and learned about: ​
  • Industry talent needs of Oregon's employers
  • Current and future workers
  • Education and training attainment goal
  • Developing a shared understanding of Oregon's Talent Assessment work
  • Establishing Oregon's Talent Development connections and relationships
  • Communication and connectivity between Oregon's workforce system and Oregon's business community. 
Visit the Talent Summit​ webpage for more details and event materials.