Talent Development

​​​​​​​Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

​The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unprecedented recession affecting all industries, all regions, and all populations in Oregon. However, the economic impact is not equal across all industries, regions, and populations. This creates unique challenges and policy and program opportunities to respond to the pandemic’s economic disruption in the immediate, short, and longer term. ECONorthwest and other key thought-leaders have developed a series of reports and papers regarding key workforce and economic issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talent Assessment​

The WTDB’s Talent Assessments have been developed by ECONorthwest, a Portland-based economic consulting firm. The Assessments significantly engage business and industry leaders, build-upon and add value to the Oregon Employment Department’s Long-Term Employment Projections, and support a new adult education and training attainment goal for Oregonians. The talent development work is focused on identifying in-demand occupations and skills, current and future talent needs and gaps, engaging the voice of business and industry, and including public workforce system stakeholders.

Talent Summit

Oregon leaders from business, workforce and talent development, higher education, K-12, and other key stakeholders that included business CEOs, COOs, and HR leadership, state and local workforce and education executive directors and boards, university and community college presidents, and government officials convened in 2018 and 2020 Oregon's Talent Summits. These Summits connect with, inform, and expand on the findings and recommendations in the Talent Assessments. Visit the Talent Summit​ webpage for more details and event materials.