Workforce System

State Partners

There are several agencies that contribute oversight, resources, and programming to the workforce development system. At the State level, this includes:

Each of these agencies oversees and/or provides investment in programs that are delivered locally through an additional layer of agencies and organizations, including local workforce development boards, community colleges, WorkSource Oregon centers, Oregon Commission for the Blind, and Department of Human Services. 

The role of the Workforce and Talent Development Board (WTDB) is to convene these agencies, provide oversight to the system, and promote alignment and integration of services and resources to provide effective solutions to businesses and individuals for their workforce needs. WTDB's role also includes assessing current and future programs to ensure that job seekers are put on a trajectory to break the cycle of poverty through placement in high wage, high demand jobs and/or jobs with robust training, a clear career ladder, and advancement opportunity. WTDB helps ensure that engaged businesses are aligned with existing state priorities and strategic plans and that businesses invest in workforce training and contribute to long-term economic growth. 

Other state agencies and local organizations are also key workforce system partners. These entities, while not under the oversight of the WTDB, include the state Department of Education, Business Oregon, public universities, local school districts, educational service districts, organized labor, local economic development organizations, community-based organizations, businesses, and business or trade associations.